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BBC Breakfast presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt under fire over Union Jack flag quip

Viewers were unimpressed with their Robert Jenrick interview

BBC Breakfast presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt came under fire from viewers today (March 18) after a comment they made at the end of an interview with MP Robert Jenrick.

The Housing Secretary was on BBC Breakfast to discuss the vaccination programme in light of supply problems.

However, it appears all Charlie was concerned with was what was behind Jenrick during the video call.

Robert jenrick on bbc breakfast
Robert Jenrick and his whopper of a flag got BBC Breakfast viewers talking this morning (Credit: BBC)

What did presenter Charlie Stayt say on BBC Breakfast?

Wrapping up the interview, Charlie quipped about Jenrick’s huge Union Jack flag that was positioned in the back of the picture – right next to a framed photo of The Queen.

He said: “Robert Jenrick, thank you.

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“I think your flag is not up to standard size government interview measurements.

“I think it’s just a little bit small, but that’s your department really.”

As Naga covered her mouth and erupted into fits of laughter, a bemused Jenrick said nothing and simply smiled.

Filling the silence, Charlie continued: “Just a thought,” as he looked across to a laughing Naga.

She noted: “There’s always a flag.”

Naga added: “And a picture of the Queen there too, in the Westminster office I presume.”

naga and charlie stayt
BBC Breakfast presenters Charlie and Naga have come under fire for the segment (Credit: BBC)

What did viewers say about the flag jokes?

Viewers were divided over the comments, with some saying it had made their morning and others saying Charlie and Naga’s comments were “disgusting”.

Laughing at someone because they have our country’s flag and a picture of our monarch at home? Disgusting, pretentious and smug!” blasted one.

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“Think it is high time for the BBC to sack Naga Munchetty,” said another. “The last straw is the attempted belittling of the an MP, the Queen and the Union flag.”

“When Naga laughed at Charlie’s comment about the flag, she reminded me of an unsavoury character from a playground who likes to stir things up for her own entertainment,” said another.

“Bad form from BBC hacks,” they added.

When will you stop attempting to undermine our country. A new low. Disgraceful behaviour. Who do you think you are?

Another called Charlie’s comments “cheap” and said the pair had “no loyalty” after they were seen “mocking the country’s flag”.

“Normal service at #BBCBreakfast – sneering at the Union flag,” another viewer commented.

“Something wrong now with our flag?” asked another. “When will you stop attempting to undermine our country. A new low. Disgraceful behaviour. Who do you think you are?”

“I love the fact Jenrick didn’t respond to Charlie’s bait about the flag. Charlie didn’t get a rise out of him on anything else so he tried to get him on the flag and failed,” another concluded.

‘Hilariously funny’

However, others found it “hilariously funny”.

“Well done Charlie Stayt for calling out ridiculous Robert Kenrick and his flag,” said one.

“Excellent shade from #CharlieStayt,” said another.

“Hilariously funny Charlie. Well done,” a third added.

“This has made my day,” another commented. “Thanks Charlie!”

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