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BBC Breakfast and GMB viewers hit out over their fuel crisis coverage

BBC and ITV viewers were having none of it

BBC Breakfast and GMB viewers have lashed out at TV bosses today for their coverage of the UK fuel crisis.

People all across the country have been rushing to fill their cars up with petrol over the weekend.

The frenzy began after reports began to emerge on Friday that lorry driver shortages would spark disruptions to fuel availability.

Both the BBC and Good Morning Britain covered the news today (September 27), and BBC presenter Dan Walker insisted that the situation had been made “critical” and blamed panic buyers.

“We had problems with HGV shortages, but it wasn’t a critical situation at that time,” he said.

Viewers rushed to social media to lash out at the coverage and at the suggestion that it was the public’s fault.

GMB today bbc breakfast
GMB viewers were left fuming with the coverage of the fuel crisis today (Credit: ITV)

GMB today

“There were no issues with widespread garages until your report last week. Please report responsibly. #BBCBreakfast” said one angry viewer.

A second viewer ranted: “#BBCBreakfast but there wouldn’t be panic buying if the media, including the BBC, don’t report these scaremongering stories.”

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“We should fine the media for scaremongering and creating a fuel shortage today #fuelshortages #BBCBreakfast #GMB,” insisted a third fan.

A fourth hit back: This time last week there was a shortage of HGV drivers but plenty of fuel. Today there is still a shortage of drivers and no fuel. Blame squarely on the media #GMB.”

Meanwhile, a fifth angry viewer added: “Good morning it’s Monday here we go again. I can’t help but shout at the TV and #GMB it’s the media’s fault for the fuel crisis so of course people are going to panic buy!”

GMB today bbc breakfast
Dan Walker’s remarks sparked viewers to rush to social media today (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Susanna Reid and Alastair Campbell went on to hit out at the UK government for not accepting an invitation to appear on GMB today.

“You’d think at a moment of crisis that communications were absolutely key,” said Susanna.

“However, we can confirm that we do not have a minister of Her Majesty’s government on the programme this morning, despite the fact there is now a shortage of petrol on the forecourts.”

“And the army may be getting called in to help drive our trucks for the petrol,” added Alastair.

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