Antiques Roadshow 150K gun

BBC Antiques Roadshow: Biggest surprises as gun bought for £150 valued at £150K!

Elderly owner and viewers got a big shock

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BBC Antiques Roadshow viewers were left stunned by a valuation on the show this week.

An elderly man brought along an antique gun that he had purchased in the 1970s for just £150.

He thought it could be a worth a little extra, and was hoping the expert Bill Harriman may be able to help him find out.

But what happened next shocked viewers watching at home.

Antiques Roadshow 150K gun
The man couldn’t hold back his grin (Credit: BBC)

What happened with the gun on BBC Antiques Roadshow?

“This was the first firearm that used tiny percussion caps to produce a repeated effect and this pistol was made by Sam Colt in Paterson, New Jersey, and his patent was 1836,” Bill told the man.

“Production started probably around 1837. I’ve always found this one of the most iconic firearms ever made.”

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That’s when the man knew he had something special on his hands.

“I’ve thought long and hard what it may be worth. I have to say I haven’t seen very many of these, I think in my career I’ve sold one,” said Bill.

“There’s no reason to doubt it’s not a right one. If it is, then I think it’s got to be £150,000.”

His gun was worth £150,000 (Credit: BBC)

What did Antiques Roadshow viewers say?

Antiques Roadshow viewers shared their surprise at the valuation.

As a result, many rushed to social media to share their shock over the huge price tag he placed on the gun.

Bill couldn’t believe his eyes (Credit: BBC)

Antiques Roadshow surprises

The beloved show has been airing on the BBC for years.

As a result, there have been an array of shock valuations, some happy and some sadly on the tragic side.

The biggest ever valuation made on the show reached a whopping £1 million back in 2008.

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The honour belongs to the final sketch drawings of the Angel of the North.

In 2016, one valuation was so shocking that expert Geoffrey Munn said he “nearly fainted”.

Little did an unsuspecting guest realise that Geoffrey was about to tell her that her small Art Deco piece was actually worth a massive £150,000!

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