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Barrymore: Body in the Pool: Viewers cry for Stuart Lubbock’s ‘exhausted’ and ‘heartbroken’ father

He's still fighting for justice

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Channel 4 viewers rushed to social media to offer their sympathies to Terry Lubbock, father of the man found drowned in Michael Barrymore’s pool.

After watching last night’s (February 6 2020) controversial documentary, Barrymore: The Body in the Pool, viewers called for justice for Stuart Lubbock’s “exhausted” father and prayed he finds answers over his son’s unexplained death.

Stuart Lubbock
It remains one of Britain’s most high-profile unexplained deaths (Credit: ITV/ YouTube)

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In the early hours of March 31 2001, a panic-stricken call was made to Essex Emergency Services saying partygoers at Michael’s home in Roydon had discovered Stuart drowned in the outdoor swimming pool.

Michael Barrymore's pool
The pool where Stuart was found (Credit: Channel 4)

An inquest into the death heard he was found to have cocaine, amphetamines and alcohol in his system – and had suffered substantial sexual injuries.

The Body in the Pool featured contributions from detectives, forensic pathologists and eyewitnesses, and members of Stuart’s family, including his father.

Terry Lubbock
Stuart’s dad, Terry (Credit: Channel 4)

One viewer on Twitter said: “I could cry for the father of Stuart Lubbock. Let the poor man have some peace. #JusticeForStuartLubbock #Barrymore #BodyInThePool.”

All I know is, my heart bloody breaks for poor Terry Lubbock.

Another tweeted: “My heart breaks for Stuart’s family. His father who’s exhausted about the whole thing, trying to remember the good memories of his son growing up but smothered by what happened that night. I hope they get the answers they’re looking for soon. #BodyInThePool #Barrymore.”

A third wrote: “Stuart’s Dad, #terrylubbock deserves [bleeping] admiration and more importantly, JUSTICE for his boy before he passes… He’s never stopped fighting, bless him. #essexpolice do your job for Stuart. No more cover ups! What a father, heartbreaking #bodyinthepool #barrymore.”


“Watching that #barrymore doc and how shocking is that, all those people who attend that party and had nothing to say about a man found dead,” said a fourth. “[bleeping] sick. That poor father of the guy, my heart breaks for him. I hope answers are found.”

Someone else put: “Sat watching this insane story. This poor father fighting in such a restrained and dignified way, it must be excruciating not knowing. #BodyInThePool #barrymore.”

Michael Barrymore issued a statement ahead of the documentary airing (Credit: @MrBarrymore / Twitter)

“Stuart’s father was heartbreaking #BodyInThePool #Barrymore,” another tweeted.

“Poor Terry Lubbock, the man is in a living hell,” one viewer wrote, adding, “The whole family look broken, absolutely heartbreaking #barrymore #thebodyinthepool.”

Another said: “All I know is, my heart bloody breaks for poor Terry Lubbock #BodyInThePool #Barrymore.”


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Ahead of the documentary airing, Michael Barrymore issued a new statement defending himself.

In a video posted to Twitter, the former ITV star slammed Channel 4 for not contacting him about the two-hour film and urged his fans to re-watch the interview he did with Piers Morgan last year, which he said “left no stone unturned”.

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