Baptiste episode 2

Baptiste series 2: Viewers baffled by time-shifting plot but the clue is in the beard!

It's simple really

A Baptiste episode 2 viewer has come up with an ingenious idea to help understand the sometimes “confusing” dual-timeline story.

The BBC One crime crime drama is proving a hit with viewers.

However, the story is told in two timelines – one in the present-day and one 14 months ago.

But good news! One Baptiste viewer has come up with an ingenious way to understand what’s going on – and it’s all in Baptiste’s beard.

Baptiste episode 2
Julien has a shorter beard in the flashback timeline (Credit: BBC)

What happened in Baptiste episode 2 last night?

In last night’s episode, viewers once again saw the two timelines play out.

In the flashback timeline, we watched as suspect Andras Juszt was captured after his initial encounter with Julien.

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While Juszt was in prison, a ransom video was sent to the police seemingly showing a radical Islamic terror cell kill one of Emma Chambers’ sons.

And then, in the present-day timeline, Juszt, now a captive of Emma, agreed to help them find her remaining son.

There was lots of action, but some viewers found the whole thing very confusing.

How did fans react to the dual timeline approach?

One viewer on Twitter said: “#Baptiste anyone else really fed up with the jumping around of the timeline.”

Another said: “@BBCOne I really wanted to watch ‘Baptiste’ but this 14 days back and forth makes it very confusing. Directors and their ‘artistic’ ideas #Baptiste.”

A third commented: “Back 14 months, 14 months later, back 14 months, forward 14 months… I think we know who wrote this script #baptiste.”

They used a gif of Doc Brown from Back To The Future to illustrate their point.

What was the fan’s beard theory?

However, one fan came up with a novel way to understand what was going on: check the beard!

Throughout we’ve seen Julien wear two kinds of beard: one shorter in the flashback timeline and a big, bushy unkempt one if the present-day.

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And this is how one viewer recommended viewers try and keep up with it all.

She wrote: “Ah I’ve worked out the timeline thing.

Baptiste episode 2
Baptiste with his ‘present-day’ beard (Credit: BBC)

“14 months earlier… little bear. Present… big beard #Baptiste.”

Another viewer cottoned on to this too.

He said: “Fooks sake don’t cut Julien’s hair or cut his beard, we won’t stand a chance keeping up with the time line. #Baptiste.”

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