Bancroft viewers convinced that Elizabeth is INNOCENT

It's an interesting theory, alright!

So, tonight sees the final part of ITV’s gripping four-part detective series Bancroft. We really don’t want it to end – but at the same time, we’re desperate to find out what the big reveal will be.

In case you’ve not been watching, the series centres around a female detective, Elizabeth Bancroft (played by Sarah Parish), who appears to be a bit of a psycho.

With flashbacks showing her stabbing a pregnant woman to death and pushing a wheelchair-bound bloke off a cliff, it’s surely only a matter of time before justice catches up with her.

But wait – some viewers reckon they’ve already sussed out the twist, and believe the troubled DCI to be completely INNOCENT.

The net is closing in on DCI Bancroft (Credit: ITV)

You’re probably wondering how on earth she could be – after all, we saw with our own eyes how she throttled and then knifed her presumed love rival Laura Fraser.

And it certainly looked like Elizabeth tipping her colleague Charlie Haverstock out of his wheelchair down that ravine in another flashback.

Well, some fans of the programme are convinced that the murderer wasn’t Elizabeth at all, but rather the detective’s TWIN SISTER (dur dur dur!).

“Bancroft has a twin sister that she is covering for!!! Now that would be a twist,” tweeted one amateur sleuth.

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Another added: “I’ve solved it – Bancroft has a twin sister!!!”

And a third fan was clearly thinking along the same lines, questioning: “Maybe #Bancroft has a twin?!???!”

A grisly flashback showed pregnant Laura Fraser being murdered (Credit: ITV)

Well, all will be revealed in tonight’s climactic episode, and after the series finishes we’ll be sad to see the back of it.

The same probably doesn’t apply to everyone, though – some people have criticised the series for being too similar to the Thandie Newton drama, Line Of Duty, which aired on the BBC earlier this year.

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One critic scoffed: “Line of Duty writer should sue. Copy of Thandie Newton character and story #Bancroft.”

And another added: “This #bancroft thing – am I wrong or haven’t they just ripped off that @thandienewton drama which had us all gripped last year?”

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