Ayda Field and Robbie Williams evacuated from hotel blaze

She called it a "surreal" experience

Ayda Field has opened up about the terrifying moment she and husband Robbie Williams had to evacuate a hotel when it caught on fire.

The couple revealed earlier this month that they were among hundreds of guests and staff evacuated from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel after huge plumes of black smoke rose into the sky.

Ayda said the incident has left her “unnerved” and she gets extremely nervous whenever she hears a fire alarm.

ayda-field on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)
Ayda said the incident has left her shaken (Credit: ITV)

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During Monday’s Loose Women, she said: “We were caught in that fire in the hotel and that was very surreal and scary.”

Ayda revealed she and Robbie were on the top floor of the hotel, getting ready for an UNICEF event at 10 Downing Street.

Recalling the terrifying day, Ayda explained: “Luckily, we didn’t bring our kids because we left them in the countryside.

“We got there about an hour before the event and we were getting our hair and makeup done and I was in my dressing gown because I was going to change into my clothes.”

Ayda, 39, revealed that when the alarms went off, they all believed it was fake.

Fire-at-the-Mandarin-Oriental-Hotel (Credit: PA)
The fire at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel broke out on June 6 (Credit: PA)

She continued: “Then the alarm got really high pitched and that started to get a little scary.

“But we were still incredibly arrogant and then Rob stuck his head out [the window] and he said, ‘we have to get out of here now.’

“I then looked out the window and there was black smoke all over us. All of a sudden we were running down a fire escape.”

Ayda said all she could think about was the couple’s children – daughter Theodora, five, and son Charlton, three.

She recalled: “I was just thinking, ‘my kids, my kids, my kids, mummy and daddy have to just get out.’

Ayda said all she could think about was her children (Credit: ITV)

“I didn’t know if the windows were going to explode or the roof was going to come down.”

Ayda said she’s just thankful they managed to escape unharmed and thanked the firefighters who put the fire out.

She added: “It’s completely unnerved me.”

Earlier this month, Robbie described the incident to his fans on Instagram.

The former Take That star said: “I went on the balcony and looked up and there was just billows and billows of smoke.

Ayda revealed they thought it was a false alarm at first (Credit: FameFlynet)

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“I came back in from the balcony and said, ‘The hotel’s on fire,’ and then the next thing a knock at the door came and there was a bellboy there and they said, ‘Get out’.”

At the time, firefighters suspect the blaze spread across a facade for plants and vegetation and into “several floors” of the hotel, but it was “quickly extinguished”.

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