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Tuesday 19th November 2019

Autistic First Dates diner's emotional confession

He melted viewers' hearts!

First Dates viewers were left heartbroken after a man opened up about how having autism has made it difficult for him to find love.

Ketan left viewers emotional as he revealed his mum "walked out of the room" after he told her he was autistic.

Ketan went on a date with stunning redhead Brodie and told her that he has struggled in the past with people being accepting of his condition.

Ketna went on a date with Brodie (Credit: Channel 4)

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"Having autism has just totally killed my dating life," he told the camera. "On a date, I wouldn't go out of my way to tell them I was autistic."

Speaking about his mum, Ketan continued: "When I got the diagnosis I went home, I told my mum.

"My mum's one of these people that never shuts up, she's always talking about random crap.

"And for the first time, she just walked off, she literally walked out of the room.

"I just thought, my mum, she has to love me - no matter what happens, she has to love me," he added. "And I've had this reaction that I've not had my entire life... I can't tell people this."

Brodie was accepting of Ketan's confession (Credit: Channel 4)

Meanwhile, during his date with Brodie, Ketan opened up about his disability.

Having autism has just totally killed my dating life.

Despite admitting he's afraid of other people's reactions, Ketan was amazed at Brodie's reaction after telling her he is autistic.

"I just thought, no one wants to date anyone who's autistic, so I thought I'd come here and try my luck," he told Brodie.

She replied: "No judgement here."

As their meal came to an end, Ketan admitted he had forgotten his bank card.

However, he managed to impress viewers and Brodie by remembering his number so he could still pay for the meal.

Unfortunately, following their meal, both Ketan and Brodie decided that they were better off as friends and decided to not go on a second date.

The pair decided to stay friends following their date (Credit: Channel 4)

"I think you're awesome and I really liked you but I didn't feel like there was a connection there," Brodie told Ketan.

"I thought you were amazing - but like when someone's been alive for 32 years and they've not heard a single joke they can repeat..." Ketan replied.

"Took the autism bullet really well, other people it killed them off but not you."

He added: "I'd love to keep in touch," before giving her a hug.

Viewers watching from home were left swooning over Ketan, with one even offering to MARRY him!

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