Jim Davidson walked out of an interview with Ashley Banjo

Ashley Banjo: Britain In Black And White – Jim Davidson branded a ‘coward’ as he storms out of interview

The two clashed during the powerful documentary

The Ashley Banjo: Britain In Black And White documentary saw comedian Jim Davidson storm out of an interview.

The controversial comedian, 67, clashed with Ashley after the Diversity star confronted him over his “racist” views.

Subsequently, viewers labelled Davidson a ‘coward’.

Ashley Banjo confronted Jim Davidson in the documentary
Ashley Banjo confronted Jim Davidson in the documentary (Credit: ITV)

Why was Jim Davidson involved?

The documentary saw Ashley explore the fall-out from Diversity’s hard-hitting Black Lives Matter-inspired routine last year on Britain’s Got Talent.

The dance referenced the terrible murder of George Floyd in the US.

Subsequently, it received over 24,000 complaints from viewers.

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One of the most vocal complainers was comedian Jim Davidson.

On his YouTube channel, Davidson said at the time: “If you can [bleep] you can dance really.

He went on to say: “I saw it [the Diversity routine] on the day a black man was charged with murdering someone in Birmingham.”

Ashley, after seeing the video, said: “What’s that got to do with racial equality? It actually baffles me.”

Jim Davidson walked out of an interview with Ashley Banjo
Jim Davidson walked out (Credit: ITV)

Why did Davidson walk out on Ashley Banjo?

Later in the documentary, Ashley invited Davidson in for a chat to discuss the video.

“As far as I was concerned, that video you made about Diversity was… racist. Racist in every single way,” Ashley said.

“Really? If I was talking about you, why would that be racist?” Davidson responded.

“It’d be personal rather than racist.”

The comedian went on to say he supported Black Lives Matter as a statement, not the movement.

He then asked: “Am I here for you to question whether I’m a racist, or to talk about your dance with Diversity?”

Furthermore, when Ashley produced the video for them to go through, Jim decided enough was enough.

“Oh Jesus, this is [bleeping] crazy… I admire you for doing it, but you’ve got me wrong.”

How did viewers react to the incident?

After seeing the incident, viewers reacted with strong views.

One said: “Jim Davidson, what a coward #AshleyBanjo.”

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Another commented: “Jim Davidson doesn’t like being challenged or held accountable for his hot mess, so he runs… K.”

Furthermore a third wrote: “Jim Davison walking out of the interview with @AshleyBanjo when he rightly questioned him, is hilarious.”

Additionally, one more wrote: “Jim Davidson trying to make out he’s not racist…

“… but spitting his dummy out as soon as he’s asked a difficult question [face-palm emoji].”

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