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Argos advert causes heated race debate on social media

Critics have been branded morons

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Argos has found itself at the centre of a heated debate after releasing a new advert.

The ad features a family enjoying a range of garden items including a popcorn machine, an outdoor projector screen, comfy seats and a children’s toy car.

Argos advert
Argos has received some criticism for its latest advert (Credit: Twitter)

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Argos releases new advert

The Argos Twitter page wrote: “With summer spent closer to home this year, our gardens have been hosting relaxed family evenings.

“Movie lovers, are you good? Or are you good to go?”

However, some shoppers have hit out at the company for being “completely unrepresentative of modern Britain” as it features an all-black family.

Meanwhile, many people have defended the advert, saying the backlash against the ad is “embarrassing” and “disgusting”.

What did critics say about the Argos advert?

One person tweeted: “Completely unrepresentative of modern Britain though.”

In addition, another ranted: “So @Argos_Online isn’t interested in white folks then. Fine, we’ll use somebody else.

“See how long @Argos_Online lasts without white customers!!!”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “Can we not complain to @Ofcom?

Argos advert
Some people took issue with the actors in the advert (Credit: Twitter)

“There must be something in the advertising standards @Argos_Online or are they just providing their products to black people now?

“Is this another company that needs to be boycotted?”

However, many people have jumped to the defense of the advert.

What did Argos shoppers say?

One said: “The ONE time that Argos put black people in an advert and everyone is outraged? How embarrassing.”

In addition, another agreed: “Absolutely shocking you can not make this crap up.

“White people crying about the Argos advert having black people in it.

Argos shoppers defended the company’s ad (Credit: Richard Gardner/Cover Images)

“What is wrong with these morons?”

After that, one wrote: “People getting butthurt over an Argos ad featuring an all-black family sicken me.

“How empty and hollow must your life be that THAT is what riles you up?”

Meanwhile, a rep for Argos said: “We proudly represent modern Britain and the people and communities that we serve.

“This ad is just one example of that.”

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