Ant & Dec warn I’m A Celeb star has made a HUGE mistake

It was the most shocking jungle moment yet this series

Everyone’s still reeling from Amir Khan and Iain Lee totally betraying the I’m A Celebrity camp last night.

Just in case you missed it, they won strawberries and cream in the Dingo Dollar challenge, decided to scoff them in secret, then lied to the campmates about not winning.

Iain then ‘fessed up to camp when the guilt became too much, initially insisting he’d acted alone, before sheepish Amir admitted he was in on it.

Amir and Iain ate the treats in secret! (Credit: ITV)

Naturally, the camp was FURIOUS!

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Well, speaking on Extra Camp afterwards, Ant & Dec had plenty to say on the shocking scenes – and what will happen next

Dec felt Iain had been totally wrong to come clean.

“Even if you’ve done it and you do feel guilty, I think it’s the wrong thing to go in and confess to make yourself feel better,” said Dec.

“You’ve got to live with that guilt because you did it.”

Dec thinks it was the wrong decision to come clean (Credit: ITV)

Ant seemed equally baffled about why Iain had to tell everyone. “Why would you say you’ve done it? I don’t get it! You did it, you’ve been naughty, don’t say it!”

Scarlett Moffatt chimed in to say the timing was pretty rubbish too given the camp are starving.

Stanley Johnson and Kez Dugdale only won five stars in the earlier Bushtucker Trial, meaning food was already going to be short for the day.

Scarlett thought it was bad timing (Credit: ITV)

The camp had therefore been really hoping Iain and Amir would win a treat to fill their stomachs.

Scarlett said: “Wait until they’ve eaten, don’t do it when they’re hungry.”

Ant, however, felt they just shouldn’t have said anything – particularly as it took away the show’s chance of dropping them in it during a future trial.

Ant said the show could have dropped them in it (Credit: ITV)

Ant pointed out: “If they hadn’t said anything, it would have been left to us, the show, to reveal it somewhere later.

“We could have really played around with it a bit more.

“But it’s happened.”

The group all agreed Dennis Wise – who was particularly upset about the betrayal – would find it the hardest to move forward.

Iain had to issue a grovelling apology to camp (Credit: ITV)

However, even though Ant & Dec felt Iain was wrong to ‘fess up, they still admitted it had been good TV.

And they pointed out they’ve been waiting 17 series for someone to eat the Dingo Dollar treat in secret!

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“I’ll been honest with you, we’ve been waiting years for people to go, ‘We don’t have to take this back. We could eat it and lie about it’,” laughed Dec.

“Nobody has ever done it.”

I’m A Celebrity airs nightly on ITV.