Ant and Dec told off by I’m A Celeb producers

Presenter pair take their jokes a bit too far

Ant and Dec were in the I’m a Celebrity bosses’ bad books yesterday for being a bit too scathing about a Bushtucker trial – and ended up having their knuckles rapped by the producers during an advert break.

The funny friends had failed to hide their dislike for the trial coined ‘Space Your Fears’, which Ant and Dec thought sounded a bit silly.

The trial saw I’m A Celeb contestant Iain Lee strapped into a rocket and made to travel across the jungle canopy, something that Ant and Dec found hard to get on board with.

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The pair giggled as they described the trial to Iain saying that it was a ‘terrible’ name and couldn’t contain themselves as they explained that the rocket was called the ‘Bushtucker Blaster’.

Viewers saw a confused Iain asking the presenters more about the trial with Ant retorting, “It’s 2017, we’re dry on ideas,” as he continued to laugh.

But just before viewers got the see the trial Ant turned to the cameras and with a serious face told the viewers what had just happened during the ad break.

“Now, we’ve been a bit rude about the trial tonight and the producers had a little word with us during the ad break,” Ant said as Dec gritted his teeth and pretended to look worried.

“So, we won’t be doing any more of that,” he promised as Dec added, “Absolutely.”

The pair then looked up – supposedly to where the bosses look down on them and made their apologies, with praying hands.

But never ones to be completely told how to behave, the cheeky duo then put an overly positive spin on the trial, saying it was the best thing to ever be shown on the programme.

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“So here it is! The BEST trial in the history of I’m a Celebrity,” introduced Dec adding that it was “already guaranteed a BAFTA if not an Oscar.”

“Yes, the trials team should be head hunted for the next Star Wars film,” Ant added in a sarcastic tone before inviting viewers to “sit back, relax and enjoy the TV event of the year: Space Your Fears!”

I’m a Celebrity continues tonight at 9pm on ITV

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