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Ant and Dec leave fans in hysterics during video call with Stephen Mulhern

Stephen had taken issue with the Geordie duo for performing magic tricks

Telly’s Ant and Dec have made their fans giggle after Stephen Mulhern ‘requested’ a Zoom call with them.

The Geordie duo, both 44, were summoned to the group chat after recording a funny magic video a few days ago.

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In the clever clip, Ant appeared to throw a rubber ring to Dec through the camera.

Dec was then able to make himself  ‘disappear’ by standing in the inflatable tyre.

But while fans loved the footage, 43-year-old magician Stephen appeared to take issue with it.

Stephen appeared to take issue with a funny illusion video shot by the lads (Credit: Instagram/ @antanddec)

‘Dignified silence’

In the new video, the Britain’s Got Talent hosts begin the Zoom call discussing why Stephen wanted to speak to them.

Ant tells his best pal: “He thinks he’s the only one who can do a bit of magic. I can guarantee that’s what it is!”

Stephen then joins the Zoom call, saying: “It’s very apparent what’s up. I’ve kept a very dignified silence.

In the spoof clip, Stephen seemed very unhappy with the boys (Credit: Instagram/ @antanddec)

“You clearly both got my messages, hence why I’ve got you both together.

“You think it’s very clever vanishing into your best buddy’s ring. It’s not clever.”

Laughing hysterically, Dec tells him: “I knew it would be about the Instagram post. We tagged you in out of respect because we were doing a bit of magic.”

Ant and Dec tried to prove that ‘anyone can do magic’ (Credit: Instagram/ @antanddec)

Ant bluntly chips in: “Stephen, you don’t know magic, you know. People can do magic. Anyone can do magic.”

Their Saturday Night Takeaway co-star hits back: “Magic is an art form. It is a craft.”

As Ant insists magic is “lying”, the boys go on to show Stephen some more of their tricks.

Ant ‘pings’ an elastic band up his nose (Credit: Instagram/ @antanddec)

New tricks

While Dec appears to dangle a carrot in the air with no hands (thanks to the help of a cleverly placed fork), Ant pretends to ping an elastic band up his nose.

Stephen scoffed that their tricks were ‘the cool cunning carrot’ and ‘the fantastic elastic’ tricks.

“The reality is guys, they’re tricks. You can’t do illusions. A real magician can do anything with anything,” he says, in the spoof call.

Stephen attempted to make himself disappear (Credit: Instagram/ @antanddec)

Stephen then tries to make himself disappear by throwing a blanket over himself.

But when it falls, he can clearly be seen crouching on the ground.

Fans have been left in hysterics over the funny video and heaped praise on the trio.

Ant and Dec were left in hysterics when they spotted him on the floor (Credit: Instagram/ @antanddec)

One commented on Instagram: “This made my whole day! 💕😂”

Another added: “Brilliant just what I needed😂😂😂.”

A third wrote: “I’m crying of laughter this is the most I’ve EVER LAUGHED IN MY LIFE🤣🤣🤣🤣💖💖💜💜💙💙.”

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This latest video is just one of many funny clips Ant and Dec have filmed to keep people entertained during lockdown.

The boys have also recorded hilarious keep fit spoofs, music videos and clips of them throwing ping pong balls ‘through’ the camera lens.

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