Ant and Dec cringe as Amir Khan makes embarrassing mistake during tonight’s Bushtucker Trial

Dec had his head in his hands!

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Things haven’t exactly been going brilliantly for Amir Khan since entering the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

As he was being introduced in the first show, he got off on the wrong foot immediately, admitting to Ant and Dec that he’d never watched the show before.

And he was unsurprisingly voted by the public to take part in the first Bushtucker Trial, alongside unfortunate partner Georgia Toffolo.

The former boxer sadly let his partner down during the trial, known as the “Critter-cal rescue challenge.”

Amir didn’t do well in the “Critter-cal Challenge” trial (Credit: ITV)

With Georgia gamefully sealed in a cave filled with snakes, spiders and cockroaches, it was Amir’s job to save her.

But Amir lost his bottle after grabbing a snake and had to shout: “I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!” to end the task.

And it looks for a moment like he may fail tonight’s task as well, leaving Ant and Dec cringing as he makes a massive blunder.

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As part of the trial called Flushed Down, Amir is encased in a huge, five-metre high water tank, the highest in the show’s history.

This time, Amir’s underwater (Credit: ITV)

He’s tasked with swimming down the narrow tank to open eight chambers, before finding a key. However, the tank is also being filled with more water – and some jungle critters, making life all the more difficult.

He starts well and soon finds a key, returning to the top of the tank to use it. But the hapless celeb soon drops it, forcing him to dive back down to retrieve it.

He’s dropped it! (Credit: ITV)

Ant calls out: “How you getting on, have you seen it? Deep breath and search right around at the bottom” while Dec simply can’t watch, saying: “Oh no!”

Amir eventually retrieves the key, only to find it’s the wrong one! We’ll have to wait until tonight to find out whether he eventually succeeds.

Ant and Dec can hardly watch (Credit: ITV)

For this particular challenge, only eight of the celebs in the camp were eligible. Rebekah Vardy has a fish allergy, and Stanley Johnson was also ruled out on medical grounds.

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Stanley was also unable to take part in the “Walk the Plank” trial that was seen on the show’s opening night.

Surely the only way is up, Amir! Fingers crossed you do better with water than you do with snakes!