Ant and Dec astounded by stupidity of I’m A Celeb stars in latest Dingo Dollar Challenge

Repeatedly called them idiots

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I’m A Celebrity hosts Ant and Dec are used to having a good laugh at the expense of the campmates taking part.

But they were left almost speechless after watching the latest Dingo Dollar Challenge thanks to how bad the stars were at trying to solve a simple puzzle.

Jamie and Amir, currently in Australia, struggled to find Sydney on a map (Credit: ITV)

In order to win a treat for camp, Amir Khan and Jamie Lomas had to pin planes on to different cities on a giant map and then measure how many hours there were between them using string and a ratio guide provided.

But the pair took nearly an hour to manage the task as both were completely clueless about geography.

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At one point, Amir declared “Tokyo is part of China” and he thought Hollywood was in South America.

Amir had boasted he was good at geography before the challenge but the only countries he knew with confidence were the UK and Greece (Credit: ITV)

Before the task, Amir had boasted that geography “is one of my strong points as I travel quite a lot so I am always on the plane looking at maps.”

But the only destination he knew convincingly was the UK where he lives and Greece, where he won his Olympic medal back in 2004.

Hollyoaks actor Jamie was absolutely no help either, telling the boxer: “I just can’t read this map. I thought you were good at geography?”

It took the pair 20 minutes to work out the first answer as they believed Sydney was in Canada and then Russia (Credit: ITV)

Despite being in Australia to take part in I’m A Celebrity, the question that troubled them the most was where it was on the map.

The only clue Jamie could provide was that it’s “down under”.

It took them both 20 minutes to work out where Sydney was after numerous failed attempts.

“Sydney is over here,” Amir said confidently, sticking the pin into Canada.

Jamie then stepped in, putting the pin in Russia.

Jamie admitted his geography was “terrible” (Credit: ITV)

“The first one did take us a bit of time,” Amir admitted. “Jamie was terrible.”

Commenting on the challenge later, Ant McPartlin said he couldn’t believe how little the pair knew about basic geography and where different countries of the world could be found.

“I am astounded, absolutely astounded,” he said. “Idiots! They’re idiots!”

The two finally found all the right answers after an hour of guessing and won cupcakes for camp (Credit: ITV)

His co-host Declan Donnelly agreed, revealing that it took “55 minutes for them to complete it and 20 minutes of that was trying to work out where Sydney was.”

“That’s 20 minutes to work out where the country they live is to where they are now, idiots!” Ant repeated shaking his head in disbelief.

Ant couldn’t believe the pair didn’t know where Australia was on a map and called them idiots (Credit: ITV)

The segment left the presenters momentarily stunned before they headed into camp to reveal who was the latest voted out.

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It was Dennis Wise who was given his marching orders, as viewers have been unhappy about his “bullying” behaviour towards Iain Lee.

Let’s hope his geography skills are better than his friends Jamie and Amir so he can find his way back to the hotel.