Ant and Dec announce another person has left the jungle…

They WILL be back, though

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly opened last night’s I’m A Celebrity with a shock announcement.

The presenting duo revealed “one of the biggest stars of this year’s show” had left the jungle which came as a complete surprise to fans.

Ant and Dec reassured fans the missing star would be back (Credit: ITV)

Had jungle life become too much for one of the celebrities? Or had another controversy been unearthed that had forced someone out like in the case of Jack Maynard’s sudden exit last week?

Ant and Dec then told viewers it was not one of the campmates who had left but another of the show’s stalwarts.

Dec said: “We’ve got big news today, the big news is another celebrity has left the jungle.

Kiosk Kieth was absent from the Outback Shack for the first time in years (Credit: ITV)

“He’s one of the biggest stars of this year’s show. Yes unfortunately Kiosk Keith has had to have a day off from the Outback Shack.”

Ant then reassured fans that he would be back.

“It’s true,” he said. “He’s assured us he’ll be back shortly just as soon as he has dealt with some complicated personal issues.”

Kiosk Kath covered for Keith on his sick day but fans weren’t impressed (Credit: ITV)

Dec then chipped in “he’s got the thrupenny bits”, using Cockney rhyming slang followed by blowing a raspberry to hint at why Kiosk Keith needed a sick day.

“Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time, Keith,” he joked.

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The first the campmates knew of the shock absence was when Vanessa White and Dennis Wise completed the Dingo Dollars Challenge and went to the Outback Shack to see if they could exchange them for a treat.

They were surprised to find a different stony face in his place – Kiosk Kath – along with a sign that read “manager off sick, under temporary management.

Dennis Wise and Vanessa White were surprised to find Kiosk Keith absent after their challenge (Credit: ITV)

She then called the camp to ask them a question to see if they could win some truffles. Jennie McAlpine was surprised to hear a female voice when she answered.

“It sounded like Kiosk Keith but slightly less miserable,” she said.

“Kiosk Kieth wasn’t there,” Vanessa confirmed when they returned to camp. They found Kiosk Kath equally mean though as she slammed the shop shutters in their face when they got the wrong answer.

“We said ‘bring back Kiosk Keith!'” Vanessa said.

Viewers agreed saying they missed the character, who is a highlight of the show for many, adding that Kiosk Kath just wasn’t the same.

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Some of them had clearly missed Ant and Dec’s update at the start of the show about his absence but they will be pleased to know he’ll return as soon as he’s able to.

Get well soon Kiosk Keith!