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ANOTHER Love Island couple confirms split – and there’s a dig about cheating

A relationship wearing clothes/ shoes clearly didn't work out for them

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After Montana and Alex ended things, and Jonny and Chyna had the world’s most awkward live TV post-Budapest mini-break based break-up (it’s a niche kind of break-up), one more couple has joined the Love Island split pile.

Georgia and Sam – who got together near the end of the show and were pretty cute – have ended things, with Georgia suggesting that it might be because Sam wasn’t so well-behaved.

On Saturday morning, Georgia tweeted: “Would like to confirm that myself and sam are no longer together. Unfortunately for some men one girl isn’t always enough.”

Not 100% her type on paper any more then (Credit: ITV)

Georgia’s post comes only a few hours after Sam posted a picture of himself on Instagram with Kayleigh Morris from Big Brother – seriously reality telly, it’s basically like sixth form – though he said they were just ‘mates’.

Georgia – who used to be on TOWIE – got together with Sam when he came back into the villa after being voted for by the public along with the legend that was Muggy Mike.

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The pair made each other giggle a lot and when they came out of the villa, they even went on holiday to Marbella together where they did lots of fun stuff like showering, jet-skiing and, erm, apparently vomming into buckets after too much booze (hi Sam).

But however romantic that sounds, the fairytale is ov-ah and Sam and Georgia are no more. And it sounds like someone else might have been involved.

But while quite a few of the Love Island couples have finished, Marcel and Gabby, Olivia and Chris, Amber and Kem, Jess and Dom and Camilla and Jamie are all still together.

Cam and Jamie have been busy working at a refugee camp while Olivia and Chris have been busy dodging break-up rumours. Jess and Dom have been quite busy promoting everything there is in the world and appearing at a lot of nightclubs.

Meanwhile rumours have been swirling that relations between the couples aren’t as matey as they were back in the day (oh the day, remember the Love Island day, what the hell is 9pm even FOR now?) with Liv and Chris and Kem and Amber staying away from the rest of the gang.

Sam was one of the originals but only found a proper Love Island partner in crime when he went back in and met Georgia (Credit: ITV)

“Everyone thinks they’re all great friends but that couldn’t be further from the truth,” a source told The Sun.

“The fact of the matter is they never want to be together again and they all hate each other.

All went wrong when they had to wear clothes, clearly (Credit: Instagram)

“Amber and Kem, and Chris and Olivia all identify as the real winners of the show, and would never mix with the likes of Mike Thalassitis, Jonny Mitchell or Chyna Ellis.

“They’ve all decided to stick together, with the lads starting filming for their reality show soon, and Olivia and Amber’s friendship continuing to blossom.”

Sam Georgia Love Island
Happy days: when nearly naked (Credit: Instagram)

Some friendships are still going strong though as Cam – with hot new hair – and Gabby were pictured meeting up for dinner in Knightsbridge this week.

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And in Love Island musical love chairs news, you might want to know that Jonny has been spotted on a date with Stephanie Pratt (dear God, Steph, NO) and Alex has been hanging out with Chyna. Course he has.

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