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Ann Widdecombe enrages Celebrity Big Brother viewers with comments about wolf whistles

Raised eyebrows during chat with Diary Room on Wednesday night

Celebrity Big Brother’s Ann Widdecombe had a glamorous makeover on last night’s show.

And nobody was more appreciative than the men, who lavished the 70-year-old politician with compliments and wolf whistles after she debuted her new hairdo and make-up.

Ann was thoroughly chuffed with their reaction – and the wolf whistles.

Ann thinks wolf whistling is a compliment (Credit: Channel 5)

She told Big Brother: “It’s quite nice to have the men wolf whistling. It’s supposed to be totally sexist, a wolf whistle, but it isn’t. It’s a compliment.”

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Ann went on to say that while she isn’t wolf whistled now, she used to be as a young woman, and always appreciated it.

“I just can’t take it seriously as being sexist and demeaning and all those other things people say it is,” she said.

“It isn’t. It’s just a cheery expression of appreciation.”

Ann thinks wolf whistling can cheer women up (Credit: Channel 5)

Ann continued: “We are starting to lose our cheerfulness as we’re so miserable about everything. Everything is sexist and everything gives offence and everything is this and that and it’s taking all the cheerfulness out of life.

“A woman is going along feeling maybe a bit down and all the rest of it and suddenly some building workers start wolf whistling her and it cheers her up no end, but we have to put on a po face and be offended.

“There’s even one crazy police force trialling treating wolf whistling as a hate crime.

“They are mad. Completely mad. The world is going mad.”

Ann spoke out after the men wolf whistled her makeover (Credit: Channel 5)

As you’d expect, Ann’s remarks were met with plenty of discussion on social media.

Many viewers thoroughly disagreed with the former politician’s views, saying they did NOT feel cheered up by wolf whistling and instead found it intimidating and uncomfortable.

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Others, however, totally agreed with Ann’s stance on the whole subject and applauded her for speaking out.

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