Angela Black viewers are all feeling really lost and confused after episode 4

Blimey, we didn't see all that coming!

Angela Black episode 4 really put the cat among the pigeons, giving viewers a whole bunch of terrifying twists and turns.

So much so, that viewers didn’t know whether they were coming or going after the revelations.

Viewers were confused after episode four of Angela Black
Angela’s past was revealed (Credit: ITV)

What happened in Angela Black episode four last night?

In last night’s episode (Sunday October 31) a lot of Angela’s back story was revealed.

At the top of the episode ITV warned there were scenes of a distressing nature in the instalment, and so it proved.

We saw Angela in flashback convince herself that baby son max was the Second Coming and that he could walk on water.

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To the extent that she – terrifyingly – chucked him in the deep end of the local swimming pool.

On top of all this, we saw Olivier be as controlling and coercive as ever, while the truth about Ed was revealed.

However, all this information led to even more questions with two episodes to go, and viewers were confused by the whole story.

How did viewers react to all the twists and turns?

Viewers soon took to Twitter to ask what the heck was going on.

One wrote: “I’m confused here.

“Has the domestic abuse caused psychosis or has Angela always been unwell?

“Has there been any domestic violence? I don’t know what’s real anymore! Lol! #AngelaBlack.”

Another said: “#AngelaBlack is one of the most confused programmes I’ve ever watched.

“It is just so weird. I can’t take it seriously anymore, which I don’t think is a good thing considering the subject matter. Domestic violence and mental health are no laughing matter but the show is laughable.”

Viewers were confused after episode four of Angela Black
Viewers were confused by all the twists and turns (Credit: ITV)

Subsequently, a third exclaimed: “Is anyone else now trying to figure out what the hell is going on? I’m lost!!#AngelaBlack.”

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Finally, one viewer said: “#AngelaBlack gets weirder – very questionable swimming pool scene where she lets baby drop into deep end… this’s episode seems to@have no relevance to what has gone before.”

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