Angela Black episode three

Angela Black episode three: 6 burning questions we have after THAT explosive twist

Joanne Froggatt's character ended up behind bars!

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Angela Black fans are probably still picking their jaws up off of the floor after THAT killer twist at the end of episode three.

Just wow!

The clues had been there all along in this six-part thriller, but the scriptwriters have certainly kept us guessing.

Here are six questions we desperately want answering in the upcoming episode four.

Joanne Froggatt in Angela Black
Joanne Froggatt in Angela Black episode three (Credit: ITV1)

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Angela Black episode three – can Angela prove her innocence?

Episode three ended with Angela Black in a prison cell.

The police arrived at her house and arrested her for possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

It was at the moment, the penny finally dropped for viewers – Angela had been set up.

In a gripping twist, Angela was acting EXACTLY like the unstable wife and mother Olivier wanted her to look like.

Mic drop Olivier!

Now behind bars, it could prove very difficult for Angela to prove her innocence.

After all, it’s her word against everyone else’s.

But with another three episodes left, it’s clear it’s not over yet!

What happened to the CCTV?

In episode three, an insistent Ed persuaded Angela (Joanne Froggatt) to drug her husband and let Ed in to ‘kill’ him while he slept.

After letting him in – alarm bells, where’s the proof of a break-in?! – Angela ran to a neighbour’s house to call the police.

Playing the distraught wife, Angela pretended they’d been an intruder in her home.

In the next scene, half a dozen police cars surrounded her house – and viewers were shocked to see Olivier was still alive.

But, hang on, why didn’t the police ask to see CCTV which surely would have proved Ed had been there?

In later scenes, after Angela had been arrested, suddenly there IS video cam footage – but there is no sign of Ed in the house.

Had Olivier already deleted any incriminating evidence?

Joanne Froggatt in Angela Black
Joanne Froggatt’s character ended up behind bars in Angela Black episode three (Credit: ITV1)

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Angela Black episode three – what is Edgewater?

Every episode has left us with one crucial question hanging in the air…

What is Edgewater?

The mysterious place has been referred to every week as something dark in Angela’s past.

In the first episode, viewers heard Ed telling Angela he knew about “Edgewater”.

The mention of Edgewater visibly affected Angela.

In episode two, Ed once again brought up Edgewater as leverage to stop Angela from going to the police.

He said: “If I know all about you, then the police know all about you – even Edgewater.”

To which she replied: “Then I need to run.”

In episode three of Angela Black, the police suspect Angela is suffering from a mental health breakdown.

They took her away under section 2 of the mental health act.

The arresting police officer said: “Given the history of you and Edgewater.”

So… has Angela had a mental breakdown before? And did she do something dangerous?

Which leads us nicely to our next question…

Angela Black episode three – what is Angela’s real name?

Viewers got yet another shock during episode three on ITV when Angela was referred to as Angela Meyer.

But hang on, didn’t we all think she was called Angela Black?

Is Angela Black her real name? The name she was known by in the mysterious Edgewater?

Olivier in Angela Black
Olivier has stitched his wife up like a kipper in Angela Black (Credit: ITV1)

Angela Black episode three – who is Ed really?

So we know now that private investigator Ed Harrison isn’t Ed Harrison.

In fact, we don’t even know whether he’s a PI.

During questioning by the police, officers imply she’s made up the existence of Ed Harrison.

They show her a book called Behind Closed Doors written by Ed Harrison and accuse her of confusing fact with fiction.

So who is the so-called Ed? And why has he helped Olivier set her up?

Is Angela suffering from a mental breakdown?

We’re also worried that we’ve been played, too!

Could Angela have imagined the whole character of Ed?

Is she REALLY having a mental health breakdown and taken the viewer along for the ride?

Has she been set up by Olivier and ‘Ed’ or is she paranoid and suffering from hallucinations?

Honestly, we haven’t got a Scooby-Doo at this point!

Samuel Adewunmi as Ed
Samuel Adewunmi as so-called Ed in Angela Black (Credit: ITV1)

Other less burning questions we have after watching episode three of Angela Black

Why was Olivier so fixated on killing a spider when he beats up his own wife?

Where does Olivier get his wardrobe from? His style is so chic even though he is a manipulative [bleep].

Why doesn’t Angela own any joggers or casual gear?

The poor woman spends most of the episodes in silk nighties and dressing gowns!

Get that woman a fleece onesie!

Angela Black episode four airs in Sunday October 31 2021 at 9pm on ITV1.

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