Andrea McLean’s dress shocks Loose Women viewers

Presenter leaves little to the imagination

Those Loose Women panellists are no strangers to controversy – the stuff they come out with is always being talked about on social media.

But on today’s show, it wasn’t so much what they were saying as what Andrea McLean was WEARING that got viewers gossiping.

Or should that be what she WASN’T wearing?

The brunette, 47, rocked up in a strappy floral dress that exposed her shoulders to the elements and left little to the imagination in the cleavage department.

Credit: ITV
Some viewers found Andrea’s dress a bit risqué for daytime telly (Credit: ITV)

All credit to the mother-of-two for keeping the summer vibe going – and she did look great – but the outfit stood out somewhat among the more conservative clothes the other ladies were wearing.

And fans at home weren’t convinced that it was appropriate for daytime viewing.

“Why does Andrea dress so sexily? Doesn’t look like average daytime attire compared to the other women,” tweeted one.

Another scoffed: “Sorry, Andrea, I love you & the other girls but I do not like that outfit. It seems out of place.”

And responding to a segment where Andrea had to bend over to pump up balloons that would reveal competition prizes, a third viewer quipped: “Bit revealing there, Andrea – thought we were going to see your ta-ta’s up close for a moment.”

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Not everyone was offended, though, and some fans even gave Andrea’s fashion sense the thumbs-up.

One fan gushed: “@andrea_mclean Where is your dress from? Looking gorgeous on @loosewomen panel today.”

She gave viewers an eyeful as she pumped up balloons (Credit: ITV)

Mind you, Andrea was far from being the most talked-about person on today’s show.

That honour went to TOWIE star Gemma Collins, 36, whose anecdotes about having unprotected sex with co-star James ‘Arg’ Argent, amusing mispronunciation of the word meme (“memay”) and revelation that she was “99 per cent vegetarian” had viewers in hysterics.

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“[Expletive] myself at Gemma Collins on #LooseWomen talking about her ‘memays’,” tweeted one fan.

Another said: “If you don’t love Gemma Collins, then you don’t love life. She is brilliant.”

And a third fan added: “I can’t describe how much I love Gemma Collins and how much she gives me entertainment.”

Not even Andrea’s dress could compete with that…