Andrea McLean suffers embarrassment at daughter’s nativity play

Better get yourself a diary for the new year!

Andrea McLean was left red-faced yesterday after making two rather large errors when it came to her youngest child’s nativity play.

The sheepish star explained on today’s Loose Women that she was all set to attend daughter Amy’s final primary school nativity before the little girl moves to big school next year.

But what should have been a fun and festive family day out didn’t exactly go to plan…

Andrea missed her daughter’s nativity twice in one day! (Credit: ITV)

Andrea, 48, explained how she firstly managed to turn up at the WRONG nativity, before mixing up the time of the actual nativity and nearly missing it!

Oh, Andrea…

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She said: “Amy is leaving primary school so technically this is the last primary nativity I’ll go see, so it was really important for me to go.

“I looked it up on the website and it said 9.30 at the local church. So I rang my mum and dad, said I’d see them there at 9.30… but when they got there, they thought everyone seemed very small in the year.

“The teacher then said that’s because this was the nativity for years three and four, whereas the years five and six were at 11.30!”

This was Andrea’s daughter’s last nativity (Credit: ITV)

Andrea said she’d been late arriving, so wasn’t in the church, but her parents were – watching totally the wrong play.

“I tried to ring them, but their phones were on silent as they watched someone else’s children. When they finally did pick up my messages, they had to do that walk of shame and leave the church.”


Andrea’s daughter Amy goes to big school next year (Credit: ITV)

Andrea said the group decided to do some last minute Christmas shopping and stop for a coffee before returning to the church at 11.30… only for her to realise the play was actually at 11am!

“We got in the car, raced across the town, and got in bang on 11.30 as they were singing a carol,” she said.

“We thought we’d wait until the song finished, but the doors of the church were at the front, so everyone was looking at you. I waited until it all died down, then we walked in, heads held low, through the whole congregation, everyone looking at us.

Andrea said it was all rather embarrassing (Credit: ITV)

“As soon as our bottoms hit the seat, the headmaster said, ‘Well done everyone! And thank you parents for making the effort to come today.'”


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Andrea laughed: “We missed it not once, but twice!”

We would say better luck next time, Andrea, but given it was your final primary nativity, all we can say is at least it was memorable!

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