Andrea McLean shocks Loose Women viewers as she admits to farting on guest’s pillow

The presenter proved that revenge is a dish best served smelly

TV’s Andrea McLean has shown a completely different side to her as she confessed to farting on a guest’s pillow.

The 50-year-old presenter says she had no other choice but to seek out revenge on a guest after they made a comment about the cleanliness of her home.

She recalled the shock admission on Loose Women today – leaving her fellow panellists disgusted.

Andrea McLean admitted to once farting on a guest’s pillow (Credit: ITV)

What did Andrea do?

Andrea explained: “I had someone in my life years and years ago and sadly I couldn’t not speak to them for various reasons.

“And they came to stay one time… And this person was very particular about cleaning.

“They came downstairs and said right to my face, ‘Could you tell me where your cleaning stuff is? I do like a nice clean bathroom’.

“I’m not talking mucky toilet, she wanted to clean the whole bathroom.”

The presenter was joined by Jane Moore on the daytime show (Credit: ITV)
Andre giggled as she recalled the story (Credit: ITV)

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She went on: “So I said, ‘Yes, of course.

“And then before she went to bed that night, I sat on her pillow and farted on it. I smoothed it over, had a little smile and went to bed.”

Her confession left co-stars Brenda Edwards, Jane Moore and Janet Street-Porter completely shocked.

Brenda said: “Andrea! I am absolutely horrified at that, I’m sorry.”

She made the shock confession on Loose Women today (Credit: Splash)

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However, Andrea couldn’t contain her laughter as she reminisced on the disgusting scheme.

She added: “It just made me smile to think she is lying there on that pillow.”

And it didn’t stop there, with Janet later admitting to having her own “Devil Bendy voodoo doll”.

The 73-year-old host said: “I hold up my Devil Bendy voodoo doll and tell the Devil Bendy, I put him back down, and I know he will deal with it.”

Andrea is currently isolating with husband Steve (Credit: Splash)

What did viewers think?

Andrea’s story didn’t go amiss with viewers, who took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One wrote: “Thank you Andrea @loosewomen will never look at you the same way again hahaha #pillowfart.”

Another added: “Never mind ‘teardrops on my pillow’. FARTS on my pillow. Brilliant revenge lmfao @loosewomen @andrea_mclean.”

A third said: “Now that’s brilliant👏🏼  love that @andrea_mclean @loosewomen.”

Andrea’s struggles

It certainly hasn’t always been fun and games for the TV star, who previously admitted to suffering from a breakdown last year.

During a discussion on lockdown, Andrea told her LW co-stars: “If it had happened this year then I would have been in big trouble.

“I was in a really dark place.  I had a breakdown last year which is not something I’ve spoken about but I did.”

Nevertheless, Andrea said she felt “very grateful and lucky that our family are all together and we are staying well”.

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