Andrea McLean reveals how she went from “sad and scared” to blissfully happy in 2017

Presenter reveals how a health scare nearly ruined 2017

Loose Women presenter Andrea McLean has been reflecting on her rollercoaster of a year.

The TV star recalled on today’s show how she began 2017 feeling “sad and scared” because of health problems, only to find herself happier than ever just twelve months later.

All the ladies spent part of Friday’s show – the final Loose Women of the year – discussing their highs and lows of 2017.

For Andrea, that meant going from the “dark” of health complications following a hysterectomy to the “light” of getting married to fiance Nick Feeney.

In a touching conversation with her colleagues, Andrea shared her difficult time, describing the start of 2017 as a ‘dark’ time for her.

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Describing the hysterectomy, Andrea explained that what followed was “a few complications health-wise where they discovered something when they were in there.”

The 48-year-old didn’t divulge exactly what doctors discovered but said that she started 2017 in a bad way.

“I only got the all-clear from that at the beginning of the year, so the beginning of the year started quite dark,” Andrea explained, going on to say that it caused her to have a bit of an epiphany.

“It triggered something in my head to seize the day as you don’t know how long you have.”

Andrea said that she then decided to live this year with that light bulb moment in mind.

“I have always wanted a nippy sports car, now I have one,” she said.

“And little did I know Nick was planning to seize the day too and at the end of the year I’d be married,” she continued, reflecting on the way 2017 turned out for the better.

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Describing the whole of 2017 as a journey from dark to light, the presenter concluded that she was ending the year on an absolute high.

“[The year] started off quite sad and scared, and has ended up brilliant and I couldn’t be happier.”

“That’s life isn’t it?” she added.

“It’s about light and shade, and taking the shade and working through it.”

Loose Women returns weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV in the New Year.

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