Andrea McLean reveals her wedding was dramatically HALTED by registrar

Er, this would not amuse us!

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Andrea McLean returned to Loose Women today exactly one week since she married Nick Feeney.

So, naturally, the show started with a recap of her special day… which, er, almost turned out to be very special for the wrong reasons!

Andrea, 48, revealed the registrar dramatically called a stop to proceedings mid-way through the nuptials after one of her celebrity guests made a joke that didn’t go down well.


Andrea married Nick Feeney last week (Credit: ITV)

The culprit? Celebrity photographer and Britain’s Next Top Model star Nicky Johnson!

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Andrea explained that she and Nicky have been friends for about 20 years and she asked him to be both a witness at the registry office ceremony and the photographer.

Before the nuptials, they joked about what would happen if somebody ever answered when the registrar asks if anyone knows why a couple should not be wed.

“Nicky always wanted to say something and we had a good laugh about it,” she said, never expecting he would actually do it!

She can laugh about it now! (Credit: ITV)

Unfortunately for Andrea and Nick, the photographer DID actually speak out!

“The vows nearly didn’t happen because of him!” said Andrea. “When we got to that bit where they say, ‘Does anyone know why these people shouldn’t marry…’, he went, ‘Well… actually…’

“We all laughed but the lady (registrar) went, ‘Stop the wedding! and the whole thing ground to a halt!”

While Andrea, Nick and the guests had found it amusing, the registrar was less impressed given the fact a wedding is a legally binding and serious commitment.

Andrea looked stunning on her wedding day (Credit: ITV)

Andrea explained: “She said, ‘This is a legally binding ceremony and you have just said there is a reason why these two shouldn’t get married.

“Nicky was going, ‘No, no, I was only joking!’ But she said, ‘I don’t care if you’re only joking, this whole thing could be cancelled now… but I’ll let you carry on.’

“It was one of those things: the bigger the disaster you survive, the funnier it is later!”

Mr and Mrs Feeney! (Credit: ITV)

Andrea wed businessman Nick, her partner of four years, at an intimate ceremony last week.

She looked absolutely stunning in a beautiful strapless white lace gown, as seen in photos shared to Instagram by her Loose Women colleague Saira Khan.

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Andrea and Nick met in 2013 after they were set up on a blind date.

In August of this year, Nick popped the question while the couple were enjoying a romantic break in Paris.

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