Andrea McLean posts emotional Instagram message on her wedding day

Hankies at the ready!

Loose Women fans will be well aware that today is Andrea McLean’s wedding day!

The 48-year-old presenter is all set to marry her partner of four years, businessman Nick Feeney, in an intimate ceremony attended by family and friends.

But before the couple exchanged their vows, the Scottish star took the time to post a beautiful Instagram message to her 101,000 followers.

In it, she spoke of the impact Nick has had on her life, and gushed that her “dreams are coming true” (aaaaah).

Andrea McLean/Instagram
The couple appeared on social media together after getting engaged in August (Credit: Andrea McLean/Instagram)

Andrea, who’s been married twice before, met Nick in 2013 after a Loose Women make-up artist set them up on a blind date.

The pair got together and, in August of this year, Nick popped the question while the couple were enjoying a break in Paris.

Now, with the sound of wedding bells ringing in her ears, the Loose Women star has opened her heart about the romance and her hopes for the future.

Alongside what looked like an invitation to the nuptials, she wrote on Instagram: “The best day of our lives has begun. I’m so happy that, from today, Nick and I will be walking through life hand in hand, side by side.

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“I didn’t dare hope that I would find love again when all seemed lost, and the world felt dark and sad… but four years ago today I reluctantly went on a blind date, and the man who would change my life forever kissed my cheek and whispered ‘I’m so nervous’ in my ear. ‘So am I,’ I whispered back.

“In four years, we have talked, listened, laughed and learned to love again. My broken heart is not only fixed, it is filled to bursting.

Andrea McLean/Instagram
Andrea didn’t hold back in her social-media message (Credit: Andrea McLean/Instagram)

“I have learned that love in middle age comes with so much more… the past isn’t left behind, it travels with you, and teaches you what you don’t want as much as what you do.

“It brings baggage, history and scars, but over time it becomes something stronger and more solid because of all of that. I dared to dream, and today my dreams are coming true.”

Andrea’s Loose Women co-stars gave her a good send-off before the big day (Credit: ITV)

And her followers loved the message. One wrote: “Beautiful words xx.”

Another said: “Aw that’s so lovely. Just have the best day. Hope we get to see some pics xx.”

In a recent interview with Hello! magazine, Andrea told an amusing anecdote about that blind date.

She recalled: “After a few drinks, we were getting on so well, and as we relaxed in each other’s company I told him everything about my life; all the ups and the downs. The poor guy sat there in shock.”

Well, evidently it didn’t put him off. Congratulations, guys!