Andrea McLean insults Loose Women co-stars – to their faces!

It left her colleagues barking mad

There’s a reason Loose Women is called Loose Women – it’s because those panellists don’t like to mince their words.

But Andrea McLean took the banter just a little too far on today’s show when she dropped a massive insult on her fellow ladies.

The toe-curling comment followed an hilarious moment when Martin Clunes’ dog ran amok in the studio.

Martin Clunes was a guest on the show, and brought his dog with him (Credit: ITV)

The pup, Jim, had earlier sat on the Doc Martin star’s lap while he chatted away to Andrea, Denise Van Outen, Linda Robson and Kaye Adams.

But as the show returned from an advert break, Martin was seen chasing the Jack Russell around the room.

Welcoming the viewers back, Andrea smiled: “You probably think: ‘I bet they’re pre-recorded, that Loose Women.’ No, we’re completely live.”

And that’s when she aimed the jibe at her colleagues. The 48-year-old said: “I’ve never had a dog wandering through the studio before. I’ve had a few dogs sitting with me…”

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But rather than chuckle at the gag, the rest of the Loose Women looked totally shocked.

The Scottish presenter immediately tried to make light of the situation by telling the audience: “You were thinking it!”

The pup started to get restless as Clunes chatted away (Credit: ITV)

To which Kaye scoffed: “No, they weren’t!”

Luckily for Andrea, the abiding memory of the show for most viewers will be Jim’s antics.

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As well as doing a runner, the eight-year-old pup knocked Clunes’ mic off his lapel as he span around on the actor’s lap.

Denise Van Outen did her best to steal the show as well, mind. The ladies were discussing a new range of sexy ‘men’s lingerie’ – yes, really – when the actress, 43, made an eye-opening confession.

After the advert break, all hell broke loose (Credit: ITV)

She admitted: “I’ve been partial to a little striptease. Normally impromptu. I don’t plan it. It normally starts with the hoover. Normally an upright, cordless.”

Monday’s show has a lot to live up to!