Andrea McLean exacts revenge on cheeky Loose Women guest

Don't mess with her!

Loose Women viewers may remember what happened when Joey Essex visited the ITV show back in August…

Well, even if you don’t, poor Andrea McLean certainly does!

The 48-year-old was left with cream dripping from her face after Joey, 27, smashed a sweet treat right in her kisser during a game of truth or dare.

Watch out, Joey! (Credit: ITV)

So, naturally, Andrea’s been plotting her revenge!

And unfortunately for Joey, that revenge was finally carried out by the panellist on Thursday’s episode of Loose Women.

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Joey looked a little nervous as he arrived on set to find a rubber paddling pool had been set up.

He was instructed to sit in the pool and look elsewhere while Andrea took her heels off and snapped on a pair of rubber gloves in a rather sinister manner.

Holding a large cream flan aloft, she giggled: “I’m getting in there with you.” Then she encouraged the audience to count down from five, before she planted the gooey pudding right in his mush.

The reality star was rendered unrecognisable (Credit: ITV)

It was back in August, during a Loose Women and Men special, that Andrea found herself covered with sticky cream after a truth or dare game.

Joey had chosen to answer a truth but, when asked which of his ex-girlfriends he fancied the most, he swapped to a dare.

The dare was to pie the member of the Loose Women panel he found most annoying – which turned out to be poor Andrea!

Joey pied Andrea in August (Credit: ITV)

Laughing and wiping cream from her face, Andrea said: “One, I am lactose-intolerant, you horrible man, and two, how dare you find me the most annoying?”

Joey answered: “I just did it because I thought it was jokes!”

So messy! (Credit: ITV)

“It’s all good,” answered Andrea. “I’ve got it out of any vital airwaves… it smells like off cheese.”


Poor Andrea! (Credit: ITV)

We have to say, though, it feels like Joey now needs to get some form of revenge on Andrea… as she already pied him after the first incident!

Using her leftover cream, she’d chased him across the studio in August and thrown it at his face.

Andrea got revenge on Joey in August (Credit: ITV)

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So technically, Andrea’s been pied once, Joey twice…

Over to you, Joe!

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.