Andi Peters gets a hilariously rude surprise on Good Morning Britain

Talk about a cold call

Andi Peters has got one of the best jobs in showbiz. He gets to travel the world, doing quick links to camera about amazing prizes viewers of Good Morning Britain can win.

He also gets to doorstep people and chuck cheques at them, which is always fun!

The TV veteran got more than he expected today though during a live piece on Good Morning Britain.

This came in the shape of a competition winner opening the door bleary-eyed and half naked!

Not what Andi expected (Credit: ITV)

Andi had been talking up his mystery location all morning, where he was going to surprise an unsuspecting competition winner with £5000 cash.

And at around quarter to eight, he revealed that he was in the depths of Lytham St Annes, near Blackpool.

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Piers and Susanna then cut to the excitable host, who was outside the winner’s home – the only problem was, the guy was fast asleep and didn’t hear the buzzer.

Michael managed to get most of his buttons done (Credit: ITV)

Ever the professional, Andi jumped straight on the mobile to phone the winner.

And it sounded like he was still half asleep, answering the phone in a daze and telling Andi: “I’ll be downstairs as quick as I can.”

However, the winner – Michael Davies – obviously has a very different definition of quick than everyone else.

As he slowly made his way downstairs, Piers and Susanna chatted about what they’d do with a cash windfall.

Piers and Susanna couldn’t believe it either (Credit: ITV)

Susanna said she’d head off on a very long, lovely, sunny holiday – and Piers simply said he’d pile the cash on the rest of his day’s wages, provoking laughter in the studio.

More hilarity ensued when Michael finally answered the door – completely topless!

He didn’t really seem to understand what Andi wanted, as he slowly buttoned up his rumpled shirt.

And at one point, Andi had to jump in front of him to protect viewers’ eyes.

Andi powered through (Credit: ITV)

Piers rightly asked if the man was actually naked, and the camera panned down to reveal he did at least have some trousers on.

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Later, Michael revealed he thought it was a joke. He said: “I was fast asleep and thought it was a prank call.”

You’ll know better next time, Michael! In the meantime, enjoy your winnings!