Andi Peters

Andi Peters forced to present GMB’s competition slot drenched by water

The Good Morning Britain regular got soaked when his sprinklers went off!

Andi Peters was forced to present his Good Morning Britain competition slot drenched in water when his garden sprinklers went off.

Andi Peters was forced to present his competition segment drenched after his sprinklers went off (Credit: ITV)

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Laughing off the ‘unfortunate incident’, Andi continued presenting his section live from his back garden but did admit he was ‘freezing’.

What happened?

Good Morning Britain hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid crossed over to Andi just before 8.30 this morning and looked confused when they saw his disheveled appearance.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were amused at Andi’s predicament (Credit: ITV)

Andi himself looked a bit shell-shocked as he explained to his co-workers what had happened.

Laughing, he said: “We just had a rather unfortunate incident with the automatic sprinklers, I am literally drenched.

“Literally drenched. This is unreal.”

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Ever the professional, Andi carried on telling viewers about the competition and prizes they could win.

Afterwards, he joked that he was going to ‘reprogramme the sprinklers so they don’t come on again while I am doing live television’.


Andi may have been soggy and uncomfortable but Susanna and Piers found the whole situation hilarious.

Susanna pointed out what the rest of the show’s viewers were thinking, saying the sprinklers explain why his garden looks so lush.

Carry On sketch

Andi tried to dry himself off with a tissue, comparing the moment to a Carry On scene.

Andi Peters
Andi attempted to dry himself with a tissue (Credit: ITV)

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“I’m just drying myself off, it was literally like a Carry On sketch,” he explained.

“There was water everywhere.”

He added: “It’s cold and I am soaking wet!”

Piers found the whole situation very amusing, joking: “Viewers could bet how many seconds Andi can survive in freezing cold water, and the winner gets a car!”

On-air blunders

It’s not the first time that Andi has suffered an on-air blunder.

Last month, producers told him off for running out of time while he presented the competition slot from his garage.

“Leave it,” he snapped, hearing producers grumble in his ear piece.

“Look they told me off for running out of time – the miserable people.”

Andi suffered another on-air blunder when a prop broke (Credit: ITV)

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That day’s presenters Ranvir Singh and Ben Shephard then looked a little shocked by the outburst.

Poor Andi then suffered an embarrassing blunder as a prop came crashing down behind him.

Laughing off the gaffe from the studio, Ranvir quipped: “Normally you’d be able to blame someone but we know you set this all up yourself because you’re all on your lonesome.”

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