Amir Khan accused of FAKING fear of snakes as damning picture surfaces

What issssssss the truth?

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Jungle viewers were in hysterics after boxer Amir Khan screamed “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” during his first-ever Bushtucker Trial.

The 30-year-old was chosen for the first Bushtucker Trial of the series alongside Made In Chelsea’s Georgia Toffolo, 23, on Monday night.

But he couldn’t even get half-way through the ominously named Critter-Cal Rescue before quitting.

His reason? He accidentally pulled a SNAKE out of a dark underground chamber instead of a key and completely freaked out.

Amir failed the first Bushtucker Trial of the series (Credit: ITV)

Amir’s failure to complete the task meant he and Toff got ZERO meal tickets for camp – and, even worse, they also lost the four meal tickets the camp had already earned.

Oh dear.

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It meant back to basic rice and beans for camp.

It wasn’t the most pleasant of Bushtucker Trials, to be fair to Amir, taking place underground in a giant termite’s nest.

And he’s already been vocal about the fact he’s scared of snakes.

Toff was stuck in a chamber waiting for Amir to rescue her (Credit: ITV)

However, there’s now a question mark over how genuine that fear is, after an image of the boxer looking very relaxed posing alongside a bloody great snake in a London club surfaced on Twitter!

He is seen posing with a friend, and a blonde lady holding a very long, very strong, yellow snake!

While Toff was locked in a dark chamber filled with creepy crawlies, Amir had to navigate around the nest and locate eight different keys that would allow him to rescue her.

Naturally the whole nest was swarming with nasties like crickets and cockroaches.

Both Amir and Toff had to escape from the nest within ten minutes to win the extra meal ticket for camp.

Toff made it clear she wasn’t a fan of the task, screeching when crickets and cockroaches landed on her head, but she kept a stiff upper lip, encouraging Amir to keep going when he started to freak out.

Amir had to navigate an underground termite’s nest to save Toff (Credit: ITV)

He encountered maggots and cockroaches in the dark before coming up against a crocodile, snake and mud crab, the latter of which bit his hand.

The boxer had to stick his hand into little chambers and rummage around for keys, trying not to disturb the creatures within each chamber.

“I can’t do this, man,” he shouted.

“You can, darling, you can!” encouraged Toff.

“I’ve not screamed this much in my life,” responded Amir.

Amir pulled the snake out of the chamber instead of the key! (Credit: ITV)

Unfortunately for him, it all got too much when he put his hand into a small hole to find a key and ended up pulling out a snake, leading him to scream, “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” and end the task.

Amir told Ant & Dec afterwards: “This was my first Trial, I thought you’d take it easy on me, I’m scared of snakes.”

Oh, Amir, have you ever watched the show before? That’s not how it works!

Ant & Dec had tried to guide Amir through the chambers (Credit: ITV)

Toff seemed pretty disappointed and couldn’t understand why Amir had quit so quickly, especially as it meant the camp would have no meal tickets now.

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Amir said: “I feel bad for the team because I really wanted to get some meal tickets but I just had to give up, it got so hard.”

Viewers were staggered at Amir quitting… not least when Toff was still going strong, despite being terrified.

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