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Ambulance: Viewers in tears as BBC series show’s motorcyclist’s final moments

They were unable to save him

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Viewers were in tears last night as Ambulance showed the final moments of an injured motorcyclist in what some thought was one of the hardest episodes to watch so far.

Thursday (July 2) evening’s instalment of the BBC One documentary series featured a tragic accident that saw a dad of two lose his life.

Advanced paramedic Kirsten rushed to the scene of a motorcyclist’s collision with a car.

Kirsten on Ambulance
Kirsten attended the scene of a motorbike accident (Credit: BBC)

What happened in Ambulance last night?

When she arrived, paramedics were already there and an air ambulance was landing close by, ready to whisk the patient to hospital.

His injuries were serious, but they tried for close to 50 minutes to save him.

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Kirsten said: “We have now got surgical airway on this gentleman. We’ve still not got any definitive output. They’ve got rhythm changes. He’s had TXA (Tranexamic acid) and four adrenaline.”

She was keen to get moving, as she told the others on the scene: “How much longer are we going to get him… because it’s better to get going if we can.”

Another medical profession said: “Can we just have some rational discussion about it? He’s had no output for about 40 minutes. He’s had several cycles…”

But Kirsten said: “We’ve got a good ETCO2, we can get him going. I know it’s not going to be brilliant, but…”

Kirsten on Ambulance
The paramedics decided the patient had injuries “incompatible with life” (Credit: BBC)

Difficult decisions

It then showed the paramedics performing CPR on the patient. Kirsten explained: “A lot of the time, the decisions I make are very difficult decisions.”

She then said gravely: “OK everyone, can we just have a look at the rhythm? I think we’re not going to manage this with that.”

His injuries are incompatible with life.

Another admitted: “He’s had everything done we can possibly do for him.”

Kirsten then made the “difficult decision” she had spoken about. “Yeah, is everyone agreeing with this? OK, we’re going to call it. The doctor’s on the scene. His injuries are incompatible with life.”

At the end of the programme, a message on screen told viewers: “The family of the motorbike casualty have written to Kirsten thanking her for caring for their loved one.

“Ian. 1989 – 2019.”

Tribute to Ian on Ambulance
The end of the episode featured a tribute to the dad of two (Credit: BBC)

What did Ambulance viewers say?

Reacting on Twitter, one viewer said: “Hardest episode to watch yet and I’m just a viewer. Can’t imagine what paramedics must go through but I have the utmost respect for them. To see Ian was only 30, absolutely devastating. My heart goes out to his family and the families of those who lost their lives #ambulance.”

Another said: “Great work from the ambulance service… Godspeed, Ian #Ambulance.”

A third tweeted, with a crying emoji: “#Ambulance was sad tonight. RIP Ian.”

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Someone else who was emotional said: “When you saw the photo of Ian, the motorcycle fatality #Ambulance.”

“Flip that was a tough watch,” admitted a fifth. “As the wife of a motorcyclist, that was especially hard. Thoughts are with Ian’s family #Ambulance.”

“That hit me then,” said another, adding: “Poor Ian, RIP. We are the same age. #Ambulance.”

As reported by St Helens Star, Ian was aged 29 when he died and had two daughters. His widow, Leighanne, gave permission for the series to use the footage to raise awareness and “hopefully save other lives”.

Ambulance continues on Thursday (July 9) at 9pm on BBC One

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