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Ambulance: Viewers slam time wasters as Beryl, 83, waits hours for paramedics

The BBC documentary series continued last night

Ambulance viewers were enraged last night as an elderly woman named Beryl had to wait six hours for paramedics because of ‘idiot’ time wasters.

During Wednesday (October 7) evening’s episode of the BBC documentary series, a woman called 999 because she was in terrible pain and unable to walk.

Unfortunately, emergency crews were busy throughout the night dealing with numerous shootings, stabbings and other violent crimes.

Beryl Ambulance BBC
Ambulance viewers felt so sorry for Beryl (Credit: BBC)

What happened with Beryl on Ambulance?

As a result, paramedics were not able to attend to Beryl, an 83-year-old living on her own, for six hours.

When they finally turned up, she appeared to have given up hope they would ever arrive.

Ambulance BBC
Paramedics were so busy, the 83 year old waited for them for six hours (Credit: BBC)

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They found Beryl lying in bed. She had painful sores on her legs and had put on some makeshift bandages.

They saw that her condition in itself didn’t require immediate hospital treatment, but she seemed confused so they thought it best to take her in anyway.

It’s awful that people like Beryl have their care compromised because idiots are shooting and stabbing each other.

Beryl was in top spirits, though, as she had them laughing on their way to the hospital.

At one point, after revealing she moved to the capital when she was a teenager, paramedics asked why she came to London and she quipped: “Sailors.”

Beryl Ambulance BBC
Beryl shared a few jokes with the ambulance crew (Credit: BBC)

What did BBC viewers say about Beryl on Ambulance?

On Twitter, viewers’ hearts melted for Beryl.

One said: “How lovely was Beryl? Bless her.”

A second wrote: “Beryl has made my night, what a lovely lady.”

“Beryl has melted my heart,” said a third, adding: “What a national treasure.”

Others were fuming that ‘idiot’ perpetrators of violent crimes had kept ambulance crews busy.

“It’s awful that people like Beryl have their care compromised because idiots are shooting and stabbing each other,” said one.

Another put: “So Poor Beryl has to wait six hours because idiots are running around shooting each other, wasting resources.”

“How frustrating watching #Ambulance,” a viewer said. “An 83-year-old lady who lives by herself waiting six hours for an ambulance because of [bleeps] elsewhere in London shooting each other.”

Blocking ambulances for a quick selfie

In one scene, paramedics attending a different emergency call struggled to get through the nightlife crowds, despite their lights flashing.

And one man even blocked the vehicle for a moment so he could take a selfie in front of it.

Viewers of the documentary slammed him on Twitter.

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Someone raged: “#Ambulance yeah just walk in front, don’t let them pass. Get a selfie too. Bloody turnips.”

Another, gobsmacked, tweeted: “Really… selfie in front of an emergency ambulance…!”

One said: “Watching #Ambulance on @BBCOne and it is shocking that people are just wandering in front of an ambulance with blue lights on and one even taking a selfie. Absolute idiots who probably clapped every week for the @NHS during the first #lockdown.”

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