Ambulance on BBC One

Ambulance on BBC One: Viewers in tears as baby dies after heartbreaking 999 call

It's back for a new series

Viewers were left sobbing after a baby tragically died following a heartbreaking 999 call on BBC series Ambulance.

The documentary programme returned for a new series last night (Thursday, June 4), this time following North West Ambulance Service crews and their heroic efforts to care for the people of Merseyside.

What happened in last night’s episode?

One part of the opening episode was particularly heartbreaking, as control room leader Mags talked talk a dad through performing CPR on his baby.

Ambulance on BBC One
Control room leader Mags talked the dad through performing CPR, but the baby tragically died (Credit: BBC)

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The lines were busy because it was St. Patrick’s Day night and revellers were out in force across Liverpool.

But the dad was put through on a special line and Mags calmly told him: “I’ll tell you how to give mouth to mouth. Place your hand on the baby’s forehead, your other hand under her neck and tilt her head back.

“Completely cover the baby’s mouth and nose with your mouth and blow two puffs of air.”

While she had him on the phone, the control room immediately dispatched an advanced paramedic along with an ambulance and rapid response vehicle.

Ambulance on BBC One
The control room immediately dispatched an advanced paramedic, ambulance and rapid response vehicle (Credit: BBC)

Mags also talked the desperate dad through performing chest pumps on his baby, until the paramedics arrived on the scene.

After she put the phone down, Mags’ voice broke and she insisted she was all right. Seeing she was clearly emotional, her colleagues told her to go and take a break.

Everyone deals with things differently.

“You can imagine what they’re going through, and it’s just horrendous,” Mags reflected.

Shortly after, one of her colleagues revealed: “It was SUDI, sudden unexpected death [in infancy].”

Heartbroken, Mags said on the programme, fighting back tears: “Everyone deals with things differently. I go to mass and light a candle, and pray.”

How did viewers react?

Ambulance on BBC One
It the showed the emotional impact of cases on the call handlers and crews (Credit: BBC)

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Reacting on Twitter, one Ambulance viewer said: “Sobbing my heart out watching tonight’s episode. Want to go wake my babies and give them a squeeze. Unimaginable what those poor parents have gone through #Ambulance.”

Another said, with two crying emojis: “#Ambulance aw god, that baby man.”

A third tweeted: “One of my favourite programmes was back tonight, those people are just amazing at what they do. So heartbreaking hearing the caller trying to revive the baby girl until the crew arrived, but she died #Ambulance #NHS.”

– Ambulance airs Thursdays on BBC One at 9pm

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