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Ambulance: BBC viewers in tears over ‘heart-wrenching’ tribute to patients who died

Sue was pronounced dead at the scene, while Terry died after filming

Ambulance on BBC One featured a tribute to two patients, Terry and Sue, who died.

The BBC documentary series continued on Wednesday (September 23) evening, giving viewers an insight into the efforts of London Ambulance Service staff.

In last night’s episode, they geared themselves up to deal with the inevitable fallout of another day of intense politics in the capital, where hundreds of thousands of people were taking to the streets for protests.

Ambulance on BBC One
Two patients from last night’s Ambulance died – Sue during the episode and Terry after filming (Credit: BBC)

What happened with Terry and Sue on BBC One’s Ambulance?

The end, however, included a tribute to two people featured the episode who died.

Paramedics had rushed to save Terry after he suffered a cardiac arrest. Viewers were told that just one in eight people survive.

Ambulance Terry on BBC One
Terry had suffered a cardiac arrest (Credit: BBC)

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Elsewhere, patient Sue was found collapsed and had stopped breathing. Paramedics did everything they could to save her, but had to pronounce her dead at the scene.

Ambulance Sue on BBC One
Sue had collapsed and wasn’t breathing (Credit: BBC)

Before the credits rolled, Stormzy’s Blinded By Your Grace played and tributes to Terry and Sue appeared on screen.

This programme absolutely slayed me. Heroes, each and every one.

Sue’s simply read: “Sue. 1967 – 2019.”

Ambulance Sue on BBC One
Stormzy’s Blinded By Your Grace played over the tributes (Credit: BBC)

Terry’s read: “After three days in intensive care, Terry passed away. His son scattered his ashes in Trinidad. Terry, 1932 – 2019.”

Ambulance Terry on BBC One
It revealed that Terry’s son scattered his ashes in Trinidad (Credit: BBC)

How did BBC viewers react to the end of last night’s Ambulance?

Reacting on Twitter, one viewer said alongside a crying emoji: “I’m forever in awe of you all. I say it quite a lot, but we are so lucky to have the #NHS. As Stormzy sang at the end, Blinded By Your Grace’…”

Another tweeted: “Very sad at the end. But amazing work, LAS. On another note, we were watching and remembering a long time ago in pre-covid world, no masks, hugs, sitting/standing close to each other #Ambulance #TeamLAS.”

A third wrote: “This programme absolutely slayed me. Heroes, each and every [one]. But God, that last call. In bits at the end and then they played out with Stormzy. Brilliant #Ambulance.”

Someone else said: “Stormzy at the end of BBC’s #Ambulance absolutely finished me off.”

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A fifth put: “Absolute heart-wrenching end to #ambulance @BBCOne tonight. Bless our ambulance service for what they do every single day. It’s a tough job.”

“Don’t know why I watch #ambulance cause I end up crying every damn time,” admitted another BBC One viewer.

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