Amanda Barrie warns Celebrity Big Brother housemate NOT to share story with Ann Widdecombe

Cover your ears, Ann!

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Amanda Barrie has begged a Celebrity Big Brother housemate NOT to share a rather raunchy story with Ann Widdecombe.

While the Corrie legend, 82, found Andrew Brady’s anecdote about being sent a “flaccid penis” picture on Snapchat rather amusing, she wasn’t sure that 70-year-old politician Ann would feel the same.

During a chat with some housemates in the garden, Andrew and Jonny Mitchell had been talking about the pitfalls of social media.

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Jonny, 26, remarked that he gets sent some “weird stuff” on Snapchat, to which Andrew, 27, agreed, saying: “Someone sent me a picture of their flaccid penis. That’s one thing I don’t understand.”

Soap star Amanda didn’t understand either, replying: “Why would you want that? Why would they send you that?”

She then warned: “Darling, don’t ever say that in front of Ann, for God’s sake. That would be dreadful.”

Laughing, Andrew responded: “I wonder if Ann has Snapchat? If she ever gets the camera and uses the dog filters?”

Er, we doubt it…

Ann has made it clear she’s not that fond of any vulgar chat or behaviour; she based one of her nominations this week on who was the most “laddish” and “rowdiest” in the house (which turned out to be Andrew).

She’s also told Shane Janek that she much prefers him as Shane, because his drag queen alter-ego Courtney Act is a bit OTT for her.

We’ll be saying goodbye to one housemate in tonight’s show.

Newsreader India Willoughby and Love Island’s Jonny are both facing the first public vote of the series.

In a diary room chat last night, India admitted she’s fully aware most housemates reckon she’s going home tonight. But she’s still hopeful the public keeps her in.

“Who knows? Maybe there is a shock in store,” said India.

“I think everyone is more or less banking on the idea I’ll be going out the doors come Friday night. But maybe not. There is still time.”

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This week’s first nominations had a twist: only the women could nominate and they had to do it live and face to face.

The housemates are currently taking part in a new 1950s-themed task, pitting men against women, for control of the house and power to nominate next time around.

CBB airs nightly at 9pm on Channel 5.