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Get set to fall in love with a psycho this weekend! Doctor Foster’s ‘other woman’ actress Jodie Comer stars in BBC One’s new dark comedy thriller, Killing Eve.

She plays Villanelle, a cold-hearted Russian assassin, who picks off targets in picturesque locations across Europe, while wearing killer designer outfits.

The eight-part series has been adapted for television by the supremely talented Phoebe Waller Bridge, who wrote and starred in ‘hot mess’ BBC Three comedy series Fleabag, and is essentially a cat and mouse chase between Villanelle and Eve, a spy assigned to take her down.

As the series begins, Eve, played by US A-lister Sandra Oh, is a bored and under-utilised MI5 security officer whose dull job ties her to her desk, rather than offering her James Bond-style opportunities to save the world in dramatic fashion.

Sandra Oh plays bored spy Eve (Credit: YouTube BBCAmericaTV)

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That’s until she spots a pattern in a recent spate of killings: the perpetrator is a woman… and is charged with bringing Villanelle in.

Jodie Comer is the mysterious Villanelle (Credit: YouTube BBCAmericaTV)

US viewers have quickly fallen in love with the deliciously naughty and camp Killing Eve,  and TV bosses have already renewed the show for a second series.

BBC America president Sarah Barnett commented on the swift extension: “This show has the thunder of women on both sides of the chase in Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer and, importantly, behind the camera with the lavishly brilliant Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Fleabag arrives on Amazon Prime (Credit: BBC)
Killing Eve has been created and written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the brains behind hit comedy Fleabag (Credit: BBC)

“The early response to Killing Eve has been incredible – for that reason, as well as the fact that we wholeheartedly love this original, funny, thrillingly entertaining series, we are delighted to move ahead with a second season before we even premiere.”

Here’s a little bit more background info to whet your viewing appetite…

Who’s in Killing Eve?

Sandra and Jodie are joined by a host of faces recognisable from TV and film.

They include Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens, David Haig as Eve’s colleague Bill, Kim Bodnia as Konstantin and Darren Boyd as Frank Haleton all among the cast.

What is Killing Eve about?

Based on novellas by Luke Jennings, Killing Eve is fairly unique in presenting a female character in early middle age who is stuck in a rut – despite her unconventional, high-stakes career.

But as Eve is stagnating behind her desk rather than fulfilling her fantasies of being an active spook, Villanelle pops up – unwilling to relinquish the benefits of her murderous lifestyle – to be the mouse to Eve’s cat.

However, as the story develops it becomes unclear whether it is Eve who is actually the mouse, as both lead characters  become locked in a battle of wits with deadly consequences.

“Eve hits a plateau in her marriage, in her job,” Sandra explained to TIME magazine.

“Then Villanelle comes along with her finesse, her style, her lack of inhibition – everything Eve doesn’t have. Villanelle ignites something in Eve.”

As their dance of death threatens to tip over into obsession, both discover aspects of their enemy which they come to admire.

Eve longs for Villanelle’s disregard for authority and rules. Villanelle respects Eve’s forensic precision and focus.

And even though they are mortally pitted against one another, there are also undercurrents of mutual fascination as gunshots ring out and they fantasise about being each other – and with each other.

Where else have you seen members of the Killing Eve cast?

Viewers know Sandra from Grey’s Anatomy (Credit: YouTube BBCAmericaTV)

Canadian star Sandra is most associated with her Golden Globe-winning role as Cristina Yang on medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

She has also played memorable parts in Sideways, Arliss, The Princess Diaries, Hard Candy, Sesame Street and has voiced the character of Katie in American Dad!

Jodie has played many roles on British TV (Credit: YouTube BBCAmericaTV)

Liverpool-born Jodie, 25, has performed significant roles in miniseries Thirteen, My Mad Fat Diary and, of course, Doctor Foster (in which she played Kate Parks).

She has also made guest appearances in Holby City, Waterloo Road, Doctors, Silent Witness, Casualty, Inspector George Gently and Vera.

Fiona Shaw plays Carolyn Martens (Credit: YouTube BBCAmericaTV)

Theatrical great Fiona Shaw is best known on the silver screen for playing Petunia Dursley in the Harry Potter films and her role in season four of True Bloodas Marnie Stonebrook.

She also had a memorable cameo as Miss Lomax in Three Men and a Little Lady in the early 1990s.

David is a much-loved comedy star (Credit: YouTube)

Olivier award winner David Haig is known for his comedic roles in TV and film as DI Grim in The Thin Blue Line and a groom in Four Weddings and a Funeral. 

He has also appeared in The Thick of It and forgotten Ben Elton bomb The Wright Way.

Fans of The Bridge will know Kim’s work well (Credit: YouTube Absolute Radio)

Danish actor Kim Bodnia came to international attention with his role as Detective Martin Rohde in The Bridge. He is also a director.

Darren is another star who has made his name with comedic roles (Credit: YouTube BBC)

Darren Boyd was in BAFTA-winning form for Sky 1 sitcom Spy and is also familiar from the likes of Luther, Lucky Man, playing John Cleese in Holy Flying Circus, Green Wing, Smack the Pony, Veep and Fortitude.

When will Killing Eve air in the UK?

Killing Eve begins on BBC One on Saturday, September 15.

After the first episode has aired, the remaining seven episodes will be available to binge watch on BBC Three iPlayer. And, trust us, you’ll want to!

How have US viewers reacted to Killing Eve?

Almost universally with two thumbs up.

Rotten Tomatoes, a site which brings together TV and film reviews to give an overall rating by critics currently gives Killing Eve a 100% ‘fresh’ rating.

More importantly, those watching at home have lavished the series with praise, hailing it as “fantastic”, “brilliant” and one of the most engaging shows of the year.

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