Alexandra Burke speaks out on Strictly feud rumours

But does the lady protest too much?

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Alexandra Burke might be dancing her way to the top of the Strictly Come Dancing Leaderboard, but it’s her relationship with dancer Gorka Marquez that has her dancing into news headlines.

The Broken Heels singer is said to have fallen out with Gorka over his alleged romance with fellow Strictly contestant Gemma Atkinson.

However, Alexandra is now playing down rumours of a rift by raving about their special ‘connection’. Oooh.

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Rumour has it that Alex and Gorka have fallen out (Credit: Instagram)

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The ‘Strictly Curse’ is often used to describe dancing couples that get along a little too well, if you know what we mean, but in Alexandra’s case it’s been quite the opposite.

Alex was said to be mighty peeved when Gorka started spending more and more time with rival dance contestant Gemma, distracting him from keeping his eye on the glitter ball prize.

But in her Radio Times column Alex poo-pooed these fall out rumours, going as far as to describe her friendship with Gorka as unique.

“We are such close friends, I honstly don’t think I’ve ever had a connection with someone like this before,” she gushed.

“I spend most of my time with him – pretty much ten hours a day, six days a week. That’s a long time out of 24 hours, considering I spend another eight hours asleep!”

Alexandra says her and Gorka have a connection. But maybe it’s just a tassel that’s got caught on his belt buckle? (Credit: Instagram)

And when they’re not together, Alexandra insists that they’re always in touch.

“Last Sunday, our one day off, he messaged me to say he missed me, so we FaceTimed, and chatted while he watched me do my hair.”

While he watched her do her hair? We’ve never heard of friendship like it.

Alexandra FaceTimes Gorka when she’s doing her hair (Credit: Instagram)

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And with the show halfway through and her scores flying high, Alexandra might well be on the way to being crowned the winner.