Matt Baker and Alex Jones on The One Show (Credit: BBC)

Alex Jones and Matt Baker forced to address their gender pay gap on air

One Show presenters looked uncomfortable when put on the spot

The One Show presenters Alex Jones and Matt Baker were put on the spot about their pay packets on Wednesday’s show.

The co-hosts looked awkward when guest Anne Robinson challenged them to discuss whether they have a gender pay gap.

The former Weakest Link presenter has been investigating the issue for a new documentary and claimed many women are getting paid less than their male counter-parts because they don’t have the confidence to negotiate higher wages.

Matt Baker and Alex Jones on The One Show (Credit: BBC)
Matt Baker and Alex Jones looked uncomfortable when the question of their differing salaries was raised on The One Show (Credit: BBC)

“No-one talks money, I bet you don’t know what he earns and you don’t know what she earns,” she said confronting the hosts.

As the pair looked awkwardly at one another, Matt tried to avoid the question which prompted Anne to exclaim: “Ohh, they are going to slide over that!

“It’s all over the newspaper so we do,” he then said.

Anne Robinson on The One Show (Credit: BBC)
Anne Robinson challenged the pair over who earns the most (Credit: BBC)

“Yeah, we do,” Alex agreed.

“Really?” replied Anne. “So do you earn more than her or does she earn more than you?”

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Justifying his pay packet, Matt said: “Well, I do three jobs. I do The One Show, Countryfile and sports so it’s different.”

“Very different but here the same,” Alex clarified.

Matt then steered the conversation back to Anne’s documentary, The Trouble With Women, but the “horribly awkward” moment, as one put it, was not to be glossed over by viewers.

Matt Baker and Alex Jones on The One Show (Credit: BBC)
Matt justified his higher pay packet explaining he has three jobs (Credit: BBC)

“Anne talking about the presenters pay was soooooo funny #ido3jobs #TheOneShow,” wrote one on Twitter.

“I feel for @MissAlexjones and Matt tonight. Not sure I’d invite Ann Robinson back,” said another.

“A difficult day in the office for Alex and Matt – feeling very sorry for them being asked personal questions on live TV!” wrote a third, while a fourth said: “wow how awks is this?!”

Matt Baker and Alex Jones on The One Show (Credit: BBC)

The pay packets of Alex and Matt, both 40, hit the headlines last year when the gender pay gap became a national talking point.

Published figures revealed that many of the BBC’s male presenters were paid much more than their female counter-parts.

It was the first time mother-of-one Alex had seen what Matt earns, and she was shocked to discover he was paid around £50,000 more than she was.

Matt Baker and Alex Jones on The One Show (Credit: BBC)
Viewers were amused by Matt’s reaction to the topic (Credit: BBC)

She told the Mirror at the time: “Matt and I have never discussed wages, but I assumed we got paid the same.

“I was quite shocked. I guess everybody else was.”

This year, Alex said the BBC have put things “right”.

She told Hello! magazine: “We’ve never discussed our pay because we’re quite British like that. Even my mum doesn’t know how much I earn.

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“The BBC seem to be doing what they can and I know that with Matt and I, our editor put that right; it’s been addressed with us.”

Their comments from Wednesday’s show reveal they now get the same for their One Show duties – but Matt’s overall salary remains higher because of his other presenting jobs.

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