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Monday 19th August 2019

Alex Jones makes massive One Show fluff up as she confuses actress Jessica Raine for a dog

TV host is left red-faced at the end of show

We've all done it, called someone by the wrong name, it's just unfortunate that when Alex Jones did it, not only did she mix an actresses name up with that of a rough collie but she did it in front of the whole nation.

The One Show host was left pretty embarrassed as she waved goodbye to viewers, teasing what was coming up on the next show.

But instead of teasing Jessica Raine she had a mind burp and called her 'Rebecca'.

Alex Jones fluffed up at the end of the show (Credit: BBC)

"Also, tomorrow we will be back with the star of Sunday night drama, The Last Post, Rebecca Raine will be with us. See you then,” Alex had said whilst waving at the cameras.

"Tomorrow we will be back with the star of Sunday night drama, The Last Post, Rebecca Raine"

And it wouldn't be so bad, except that Rebecca was the name of the dog in the studio. Bow wow.

Alex's One Show co-host Matt Baker jumped in with a nervous, “Jessica Raine. Jessica… see you later,” before some funny camera man zoomed in on the dog in question.

The One Show had a bunch of pooches in the studio (Credit: BBC)

Jessica Raine doesn't look anything like the dog. For a start she has dark brown hair and as far as we can tell her nose is not nearly as wet. Here she is, look.

This is Jessica Raine the actress. Not a rough collie. (Credit: Flynet)

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The One Show had been celebrating pub dogs and their studio had been cleverly turned into a cosy public house, with the show's hosts and guests being served pints.

But Alex's gaffe was the icing on the cake after the entire episode had been peppered with cringey moments.

Earlier on in the show a picture had unexpectedly fallen off the wall causing Alex to jump and shout with shock.

And even earlier than that Alex had been left squirming as co-host Matt had cracked out a rendition of Wannabe by The Spice Girls.

A picture of a dog came flying off the wall (Credit: BBC)

We're not sure how Jessica Raine will feel about being confused with a dog, but we're sure she won't take it paw-ly.

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