Alex Beresford blunder puts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid in awkward position on GMB

He wasn't ready for his close-up

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Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were forced to give the weather on Alex Beresford’s behalf today when he failed to realise he was on air.

The weather forecaster was on the roof of the ITV studio because he wanted to show how Venus and Jupiter were rising in the sky this morning in a rare celestial event.

But he was so absorbed by the movement of the planets, he failed to realise when the cameras were on him to deliver today’s weather.

Instead, he was seen gazing wistfully as the camera focussed on him wrapped up in his hat and scarf.

After a few awkward seconds of this, the cameras then cut back to a very embarrassed Piers and Susanna who tried to make light of the gaffe.

“Alex doesn’t appear to realise we had a camera on him!” Susanna exclaimed.

It was left for Piers to step in and give the weather forecast.

“OK, Alex doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. I can give the weather forecast – it’s cold,” he said.

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As he then gave an update on the time he admitted things had become “slightly chaotic in the last few seconds but it’s nothing we can’t handle” as he urged his colleagues to stay calm.

Referring to the last guests they’d had on, he said: “We’ve just spoken to a woman from Blue Planet who lost comms when she was underwater surrounded by 700 sharks, that’s when you panic, not when you lose contact with Alex Beresford on the roof.

“He’s probably frozen to death and that’s nothing to worry about,” he joked.

Susanna agreed that Alex must have “become distracted by Venus and Jupiter rising.”

Looks like Alex, who is due to appear on the new series of Dancing On Ice, will be back in the studio tomorrow to avoid any more mishaps!

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It wasn’t the only blunder on today’s show. Piers was annoyed when he discovered the cover on a Christmas album he’s threatening to release had a missing apostrophe.

“For f-sake,” he said only just making sure he didn’t swear when Susanna pointed out the grammatical error.