Adil Ray and Lorraine Kelly on GMB today

Lorraine Kelly laughs off Adil Ray’s remark about her ‘fitness’ on GMB

Poor Adil!

GMB host Adil Ray had a moment to forget in this morning’s (Tuesday 23 November) show after making a comment about Lorraine Kelly and her ‘fitness’.

Adil’s slip of the tongue had the host, and viewers up and down the country, cringing, in a amusing moment on Good Morning Britain.

Adil Ray and Lorraine Kelly on GMB
Susanna was shocked by Adil’s comment about Lorraine (Credit: ITV)

What did GMB host Adil Ray say?

The cringeworthy moment came during a chat between Good Morning Britain hosts Adil and Susanna Reid, and Lorraine Kelly.

Susanna and Adil were just about to host a debate on whether or not it was selfish for elderly people to have dogs. The pair were joined by Lorraine, who called in from her studio.

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“People have said there’s an age at which you can’t get a new dog, and in your eighties is not that age. Outrageous!” Susanna said.

“Well, the argument is that you’ve got to take the dogs out for a walk – Lorraine will know!” Adil replied.

Adil Ray and Lorraine Kelly on GMB
Lorraine found Adil’s comments amusing (Credit: ITV)

How did Lorraine react to Adil’s comments?

Adil must have noticed the shocked look on Susanna’s face because he quickly powered on. He went on to say: “Lorraine has Angus [her dog], but Lorraine is very young obviously.”

Lorraine, 61, smirked, and Adil quickly said: “Just going to dig myself out of that hole!”. Susanna burst into laughter.

Adil went on, saying: “Lorraine, you will know that it is a bit of a challenge isn’t it taking Angus for a walk every day, you’ve got to keep them physically fit, keep them out there…”

“What are you saying about Lorraine’s fitness?” Susanna exclaimed, heaping even more pressure onto her flailing co-host.

“It’s bad, it’s bad,” Lorraine admitted, laughing.

Adil Ray and Lorraine Kelly on GMB
Oh Adil! (Credit: ITV)

What else did the Good Morning Britain host say?

Adil continued trying to dig himself out of the hole he’d made by explaining that it was difficult for all of us to take the dog for a walk, even more so for people in their eighties.

“It gets you out of the house and it gets you fresh air,” Lorriane argued. “And during all those lockdowns, remember them for Heaven’s sakes, it kept us all sane, didn’t it.”

It was then Lorraine’s turn to make a blunder by calling the dog Adil was stroking a ‘she’ when it was actually a ‘he’.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first tension-filled moment Susanna Reid has been part of today. Later in the show, fans were stunned when a guest snapped at her during a debate about making the BRIT Awards gender-neutral.

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“I’d appreciate not being interrupted seeing as India and I are having a healthy debate here, thank you,” guest Aamir snapped, prompting a bemused look from the 50-year-old presenter.

There were calls from fans yesterday for Adil Ray to replace Richard Madeley on the show after he clashed with MP Paul Scully yesterday (Monday 22 November).

“Please, please make Adil the permanent presenter for the sake of the country,” one viewer tweeted at the time.

Good Morning Britain airs tomorrow at 6am on ITV and ITV Hub.

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