Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson on I'm A Celebrity

I’m A Celebrity viewers complain over Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson after trial

The pair were covered in slime, gunk and feathers in the trial

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I’m A Celebrity has come under fire for seemingly allowing Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson to have a shower and a change of clothes after their trial.

The soap stars were covered in slime during their trial last night (Wednesday, December 1), in which they took part in a quiz alongside Naughty Boy.

What happened in Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson’s trial on I’m A Celebrity?

Simon Gregson and Adam Woodyatt covered in slime on I'm A Celebrity
Adam and Simon were covered in gunk and slime during their trial last night (Credit: ITV / YouTube)

Simon and Adam had a baptism of fire when they first joined I’m A Celebrity, taking on snakes, rats, and bugs. However, since then, they’ve had a pretty comfortable time of it as lords of Gwrych Castle. Until last night, that is.

The soap actors took on the Savage Stakeout trial last night, alongside record producer Naughty Boy. In the challenge, Naughty Boy was strapped on two contraptions, lying down, and had to face scorpions, snakes, and rats. Meanwhile, Simon and Adam had to answer questions about lords.

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For every answer the pair got right, Naughty Boy only had to endure 30 seconds of being covered in bugs, rats, and snakes. For every wrong answer, however, the record producer was covered in the nasties for a minute.

Adam and Simon were also covered in slime and gunk if they got a question wrong too.

Despite getting a few questions wrong, and Naughty Boy being petrified throughout, the trio won a maximum of 11 stars.

What did fans on Twitter say?

Naughty Boy on I'm A Celebrity
Naughty Boy had to endure snakes, rats, and bugs during the trial (Credit: ITV / YouTube)

But when Simon and Adam headed back to camp, they were no longer covered in gunk and slime. The soap stars had had a shower and a change of clothes – and fans on Twitter were not happy.

Some pointed out that this didn’t used to happen when the show was filmed in the Australian jungle.

“They used to go back to camp covered in gunk/fish guts etc, now they get a nice shower before returning to camp?” one fan of I’m A Celebrity wrote.

“So Adam and Simon got hot showers and clean clothes after the trial? This is why people want the old show back… this is tripe,” another fan ranted.

“How come Simon and Adam arrived back in camp clean and dry after the trial?? In the jungle they always have to clean when they get back,” a third viewer said.

“Christ, this year is like watching paint dry. Trials are an absolute breeze compared to Australia, what’s with the showers as well before they go back? Finished,” another angry I’m A Celebrity viewer wrote.

What else happened on I’m A Celebrity last night?

Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson covered in feathers on I'm A Celebrity
The soap stars were covered in feathers too during the trial (Credit: ITV / YouTube)

Wednesday’s episode of the show was its second since it came back following its cancellation last weekend. During last night’s episode, the celebrities discussed their time in isolation as Storm Arwen caused havoc.

Frankie Bridge and Louise Minchin admitted they couldn’t resist snacking on foods they weren’t allowed in the castle.

“I literally tried not to inhale it. It went straight through me – ill,” Louise said of a chocolate bar she ate.

“I ate a whole fruit and nut and a whole bag of Squashies,” Frankie admitted.

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Danny Miller, however, claimed he’d roughed it up when he was back in isolation.

“I stuck to it [castle life],” the Emmerdale star said. “I didn’t even sleep in the bed, I only ate rice and beans whilst away from the castle.”

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight on ITV and ITV Hub at 9pm.

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