Coronation Street’s Adam Barlow to turn killer?

He wants vengeance

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Coronation Street’s Adam Barlow will put his dark revenge plan against vicar Billy Mayhew into action next week.

Adam was sent spiralling into despair over Christmas when he discovered that Billy had been partly responsible for the death of his mother, Susan.

Adam has sworn revenge on Billy (Credit: ITV)

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He was stung even further when he discovered his business partner, Todd Grimshaw, knew all about it.

Devastated by the double betrayal, Adam headed to his mum’s grave and swore he would get atonement for her death.

Now Billy is about to be discharged from hospital following his Christmas clifftop horror fall and Adam will be hell bent on finding a way to make him pay for his part in Susan’s demise.

In a twist of fate, Adam ends up helping Eileen care for the vicar when he moves in with her – which gives him plenty of opportunity to put his plan into action.

Anyone else getting some Misery vibes at all?

Billy will be dependant on Adam (Credit: ITV)

His first idea comes when he realises how dependant Billy is on painkillers.

During a trip out to The Rovers, Adam notices how much Billy struggles with the pain and wishes it was time to take his medication.

Just what is Adam plotting? And is Billy in serious danger?

Adam swore he would stop at nothing to avenge his mum’s death since finding out how Billy was a passenger in the van that hit her car and left her to die.

After Ken struck a deal with a hospitalised Billy that the Barlows would leave him alone if Billy kept quiet about Peter’s part in his fall, Adam couldn’t cope and tried to overdose on painkillers and booze,

Fortunately Daniel arrived home on time to save his life.

Later, Adam stood by Billy’s hospital bed and issued him a dark warning of revenge.

Would you feel safe in these hands? (Credit: ITV)

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He told him: “Come on Billy, we both know you’re not fine and with Todd not here to help you, I’m your man.

“Trust me, you’re in good hands.”