A very familiar face is heading back to Casualty this weekend

But what are they back for?

Casualty’s Max Walker is to get a shock this weekend when his estranged wife, Zoe Hanna, arrives in Holby unexpectedly.

Zoe’s back under the guise of helping her old friend, Dylan, who’s struggling with alcoholism.

It soon becomes clear that she’s actually there because she’s hoping for a reconciliation with Max.

Well, two birds – one stone, and all that.

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Max isn’t having any of it however and is still adamant that he wants a divorce.

Following an awkward reunion, Zoe admits to Max that she misses him – and he replies by asking her to sign the divorce papers, leaving her stung.

Zoe wants to fight for the marriage but will Max be convinced to give her another chance or is Zax over forever?

Tbh, we’re not loving their chances as actress Sunetra Sarker, who plays the much-loved doctor, is only back for one episode.


Sunetra spoke to What’s On TV about her guest stint, saying: “We’re bringing the Zax banter backI can’t reveal what happens but there’s always been a fizz between Max and Zoe, an impossible love story between a consultant and a porter who is ten years younger than her.

“The audience really took to that and I would only ever have come back to the show in order to explore that relationship.”

She added: “Zoe has definitely been missing Max. She has had enough time to reflect since she left for the US, and she knows Max deserves some answers.

“Back then she wasn’t sure she could promise she’d never hurt him again, but looking back I think she can’t explain to herself why she made that decision. Now he’s sent her divorce papers and she realises she’s missed him incredibly.”

Zoe was last seen in 2016 after she left the ED – and Max – for America. It was revealed last year that Sunetra would be reprising her role for one ep only.

Max and Zoe have had a tumultuous relationship, with Zoe revealing – on their wedding day – that she’d slept with somebody else on her hen night.

That was the least of their problems however because the reception marquee caught fire which then spread to Dylan’s boat, where Zoe was visiting her friend.

She ended up jumping into the water and almost dying from hyperthermia.

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After almost losing her, Max was still angry with his new wife and later asked her for a divorce.

Zoe’s got another mountain to climb if she really wants to help her old mate Dylan too as he lies to her and continues to secretly drink.

Bet she wishes she’d stayed in America.

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