Viewers' pets were entranced by A Perfect Planet on BBC One

A Perfect Planet: David Attenborough mesmerises viewers’ pets – PICS!

Could this be 2021 cutest Twitter trend already?

A Perfect Planet started on BBC One last night (Sunday January 3) with the Sir David Attenborough nature series attracting praise.

Stunning images, amazing animals… it had everything.

However, while viewers were mesmerised so were their pets at home.

Soon, social media was full of cute photos of pets watching along with their owners.

Viewers' pets were entranced by A Perfect Planet on BBC One
Episode one featured some amazing animals and landscapes (Credit: BBC)

What was A Perfect Planet all about?

The five-episode series shows how the forces of nature drive, shape and support the Earth’s great diversity of life.

Episode one looked at volcanoes and what wildlife lives around them.

Bears, different types of birds and otters were just some of the animals featured.

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Viewers also couldn’t get their head around the apocalyptic ‘vampire finches’.

However, it wasn’t just humans who were bowled over by the programme.

What images did viewers share during A Perfect Planet?

It wasn’t long before viewers began to share images of their pets watching the show.

Upon seeing all the snaps, one Twitter user said: “Animals watching #PerfectPlanet is my new favourite Sunday night Twitter trend.”

Another shared a photo of her dog and said: “Loving A Perfect Planet on BBC1 with Sir David Attenborough.

“This planet is just so awesome… Even the dog is watching!!! #PerfectPlanet”

This planet is just so awesome… Even the dog is watching!!!

Finally, another dog owner captioned an image of their pooch: “Our dog seems to be utterly fascinated.

“Now he’s brought all his toys from kitchen to watch it too.

“The wolf was especially interesting. #PerfectPlanet #SpanielsofTwitter”

Cats enjoyed the show too

Next it was the turn of the cats in Twitterland.

One viewer posted a photo of the family moggie and said: “Sunday nights now mean it’s time for my mum to live-tweet me 15 photos of the cat watching #PerfectPlanet @BBCEarth.”

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Another cat owner said: “My cat was mesmerised by the otters on #PerfectPlanet.”

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