A major change divides opinion on Gogglebox

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The Michael family on Gogglebox has won legions of fans with their bright, vibrant personalities.

However, their beige and subtle living room décor has paled in comparison – until now.

The Michael family’s new living room has divided the nation. (Credit: Twitter)

With the series returning on Friday night, viewers were quick to point out the family were watching television in a completely different living room, and many were divided on their new decorating style!

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Hot pinks and purples have replaced the previously neutral furnishings, and some fans really took offence.

One tactful viewer took to Twitter to say: “Know we are all different and have diff tastes, but the Michaels family have gone a bit full on with their décor.”

Others weren’t as polite, with one viewer tweeting: “Wish they’d given a warning about the Michaels decorating – need sunglasses it’s so fluorescent.”

One Gogglebox fan used under 140 characters to express his distaste for both the new living room and the family’s son, Louis, tweeting: “The Michaels living room now as loud as the son both need to dial it down rather.”

Another joked: “There’s been a Gogglebox/Changing Rooms crossover for The Michaels by the looks of it.”

The Michael family in their old living room (Credit: Channel 4)

However, some people clearly love a pop of colour (or four or five) in the front room, and expressed their approval for the new look.

“Loving the Michael’s new living room!! It’s gorgeous!”, a fan of the style commented.

Another said: “Am I the only one that actually likes the Michael’s new living room? It’s fresh, spunky and a little bit out there!”

A third added: “The Michaels have a new set up and I really like it!”

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Either way, the family clearly love their new living room and that’s all that matters.

Both Louis and Carolyne tweeted pictures of them in the new living room, with Louis’ caption reading: “Notice anything different tonight? Never looked so stylish slobbing out at home.”

Enjoy, guys!

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