999 What's Your Emergency acid

999: What’s Your Emergency viewers slam ‘joke’ nine-month referral order handed to teenage acid attacker

The 15-year-old's crime featured on the Channel 4 documentary series

999: What’s Your Emergency angered viewers last night after it revealed an “absolute joke” sentence for an acid attack.

During Monday’s (October 19) episode of the Channel 4 documentary series, officers responded to reports a boy had thrown acid in a street attack.

999 What's Your Emergency acid
The boy who threw acid on 999: What’s Your Emergency was just 15 (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened with the acid attack on 999: What’s Your Emergency?

CCTV footage showed a boy confronting another in the street and using a plastic bottle to hurl a corrosive substance at him.

CI Tom Thompson said on the programme: “It’s a new thing we’re wrestling with, you’re carrying something that is as dangerous as a knife or a gun and unless you are a chemist, that might be eating through the bottle and about to pour down your leg.”

999 What's Your Emergency acid
Channel 4 viewers were fuming over the sentence the boy got for the acid attack (Credit: Channel 4)

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At the end of the episode, it revealed the boy, aged just 15, received a nine-month referral order.

The narrator said: “The 15-year-old boy who threw the acid was charged with GBH with intent and throwing a corrosive liquid with intent.

No consequences for your actions. Nine-month referral… absolute joke!

“In court, he was found guilty of possession of an offensive weapon in a public place, and was given a nine-month referral order.”

On Twitter, angry Channel 4 viewers branded the sentence a “joke”

999 What's Your Emergency acid
DC Russell Ellis discussed the severity of such attacks (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Channel 4 viewers say?

One, angry because of the episode’s ending, said: “Nine-month ‘referral’ for throwing acid at someone. That’ll teach him. #999whatsyouremergency.”

Another tweeted: “I’ve just watched #999whatsyouremergency and a male who in plain sight on CCTV threw acid in another human being’s face just received a nine-month referral order… I despair.”

A third wrote: “Nine-month referral for throwing acid. That’s a sick joke.”


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Similarly, someone else tweeted: “Nine-month referral order, what was the acid he threw, lemon juice or vinegar? #999whatsyouremergency.”

“No consequences for your actions,” a fifth fumed finally, adding: “Nine-month referral for an acid attack… absolute joke! #999Whatsyouremergency.”

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