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7 times This Morning hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes gave us couple goals

Their modern marriage is the stuff of dreams

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There’s no couple on the box who give us more couple goals than This Morning sweethearts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes.

Sticking together through thick and thin, the couple met in 1997, got engaged in 2009 and tied the knot in June 2010. They welcomed their only son Jack in 2002.

They bicker, they’re affectionate, they’re unafraid of challenging each other and we think they’re entirely brilliant.

A very modern marriage, Ruth has pointed out it’s important to remain individual people, however, when times get tough they’re by each other’s side, no matter what.

Here’s seven reasons why Ruth and Eamonn are the very definition of couple goals.

Eamonn and ruth
Ruth and Eamonn are hosting This Morning over the summer and their fans are thrilled (Credit: YouTube)

Eamonn’s sweet nickname for Ruth

Sharing an insight into their closeness on This Morning earlier this week, Eamonn let slip his adorable nickname for Ruth.

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And you can forget babe, love or anything generic.

Sweet and affectionate, he revealed the pet name in casual conversation, calling his wife Ruthie as they ended a segment on the show.

They’re real and admit things aren’t always perfect

Proving they’re just like you and me, they can argue, Ruth has admitted.

“Eamonn and I can have big rows and argue, then 10 minutes later we’re laughing about something,” she said.

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“It has been a long and happy relationship but we have our moments,” she continued.

“There are times when he really annoys me and I really annoy him and there are times when I think, get out of my face.

“Obviously, you’re not always going to get on, but you have to make it work. Underneath it all, we know we have a strong relationship.”

Eamonn and ruth
The couple aren’t afraid of poking fun at each other (Credit: YouTube)

‘It’s banter – just saying’

On screen the couple share a playful banter, with Ruth and Eamonn both making playful jibes at each other.

Nothing is said with malice – despite one viewer calling Ruth out for her “vile” behaviour towards her husband.

The comment on Twitter came after Ruth made a joke on the show that Eamonn is “a lot portly”.

The following day she addressed the tweet: ‘Oh by the way, the lady who sent me a message yesterday and said you’re vile to your husband – it’s banter. Just saying.”

Earlier this week Ruth laughed in her husband’s face as he offered a lonely caller a hug and she turned him town.

In retaliation Eamonn took to Twitter in a bid to get #EamonnIsHappiness trending to “hack off” Ruth.

He’s also said she had “horse teeth” live on air, which made one viewer quip: “Eamonn just told Ruth she has horse teeth on live television.

“If that’s not couple goals then I don’t know what is.”

Eamonn and ruth
Eamonn had an admirer in Ruth before they’d even met (Credit: YouTube)

Ruth was Eamonn’s fan girl

Long before she met Eamonn, Ruth revealed she was a “big fan” of her now-husband.

Speaking to Prima, she revealed she used to watch him on GMTV and think he was “handsome, funny and a brilliant journalist”.

So how did it feel to finally meet him?

Ruth explained: “Before I even met Eamonn, I was a big fan. I used to watch him on GMTV and I always thought he was handsome, funny and a brilliant journalist.

“It was nerve-racking when I did meet him. I remember thinking, oh, my God, that’s Eamonn Holmes!”

They enjoy time apart

Ruth admitted that having “respect” for each other is “really important in a relationship”.

She also added: “It’s nice to be a couple, but we are individual people.”

As if to prove her point, Eamonn recently shared a video of himself travelling to work on This Morning alone.

So where was Ruth?

The presenter previously admitted that her husband’s time keep is so bad, if she waited for him, she’d be late for work!

In fact, she revealed he was once so late that they missed a flight to Portugal where they were headed on a family holiday.

They’re strong in the face of adversity

It’s clear that Ruth and Eamonn are each other’s biggest supporters.

The couple were dignified and strong when the news broke that they would no longer be regularly fronting Friday’s This Morning.

A blow for their fans, the couple reacted admirably – although likely devastated behind the scenes.

And, consulate professionals that they are, they’re currently back on screen covering for regular hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, still firmly a part of the This Morning family.

Eamonn and Ruth: We aren’t the only ones in awe of their romance

Their celebs pals are too!

Ruth recently shared a cute wedding throwback to celebrate their anniversary.

She captioned the shot: “Still holding on tight to each other after 25 years…11 of them married today! Happy Anniversary my darling @eamonnholmes ❤️.”

Christine McGuinness was one of the first to comment. She said: “❤️ Beautiful #couplegoals ❤️.”

Ore Oduba, meanwhile, said: “Years of couple goals!!!! Thank you for leading the way E+R… congratulations and big love to you both ❤️❤️✨ xxx.”

Twitter loves them too.

Ruth, you and Eamonn are a couple goal for many people. I love watching the dynamics between you, it’s a rarity and wonderful to watch!” said one fan.

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