5 Gold Rings Hirra and Safia with Phillip Schofield

5 Gold Rings: Hirra and Safia ‘should be on Gogglebox’, say viewers

Viewers want to see them on the Channel 4 show

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5 Gold Rings contestants Hirra and Safia should join the cast of Gogglebox, according to viewers.

During Sunday (November 8) evening’s instalment, the pals from Birmingham took on Chris and Lisa from Manchester.

5 Gold Rings viewers loved watching Hirra and Safia (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Hirra and Safia on 5 Gold Rings?

And as the episode played out, Hirra and Safia had those at home in stitches.

Early on in the episode, Safia had everyone laughing when she misunderstood the rules, shouting “Flip!” while Hirra was trying to place a ring over Loch Ness on a picture of Scotland.

Host Phillip Schofield shouted: “No you can’t! You’ve missed it, 30 seconds, go!”

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“Oh no!” Safia said, adding: “Put it near a lake… no, wait, that doesn’t make sense, there’s water everywhere!”

Can we get Hirra and Safia a place on Gogglebox please? They are absolutely hilarious.

They bumbled through the episode but nevertheless managed to rack up an impressive prize pot of £9,500 – and in the end, they beat Chris and Lisa.

Watching from the side, Hirra’s mum laughed: “I really have no idea how they’ve done it.”

Phil agreed, grinning: “On occasion, neither have I.”

Host Phillip Schofield also thought they were hilarious (Credit: ITV)

What did ITV viewers think of Hirra and Safia?

And on Twitter, viewers loved the two friends.

Some joked the duo should be on 5 Gold Rings every week, while others said the pair should be on Gogglebox.

One wrote on Twitter: “#fivegoldrings Hirra and Safia were quality entertainment! @5GoldRings #5goldrings.”

Another tweeted: “Hirra and Safia are a good laugh. They’re smashing the game as well.”


A third said: “Can we get Hirra and Safia a place in @C4Gogglebox please? They are absolutely hilarious @5GoldRings #5GoldRings.”

A fourth agreed, replying with a GIF that read: “Do it.”

At the end of the ITV show, the duo won £9,500 (Credit: ITV)

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Someone else echoed that, tweeting: “Aww #5goldrings was so entertaining today. Hirra and Safia were so cute and funny. They definitely need their own show. #gogglebox are you looking for new participants?”

“Safia and Hirra are the best contestants I have seen on #5goldrings for ages,” said a sixth. “Funny as! Please get them on every week! @Schofe.”

– 5 Gold Rings continues on Sunday (November 15) at 9pm on ITV

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